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If you want to do a successful online marketing, you must understand these two words “humanity”!


In network marketing, if you want to do a successful marketing, you must understand these two words “humanity”!

Human nature is greedy, without exception, from children to the elderly have greedy nature, which is human nature and cannot be changed!

What kind of height will a person have when he is greedy to the extreme?

Say the most common greed is that people like to take advantage of small advantages, and all like free things, as long as it is free, basically everyone likes it, this is human nature!

Looking at the major projects of the Internet, whether it is virtual currency or online direct sales, they all use the greed of human nature to gain their so-called benefits!

From offline to online, there are many cases of using human greed to make money.

For example, online health care products are very popular, and many businesses use people’s greedy psychology to send them free of charge, some send eggs to daily necessities, and the older the people, the more they like to take advantage of small advantages, and they all spread word of mouth, forming a fission cycle in the long run!
So how do these businesses make profits by sending them free of charge?

First of all, after having these flows, give them a class collectively, and then give them corresponding gifts after listening to the class, saying that they are gifts. In fact, this is just a bait to induce people. Gifts are not important to these businesses at all. What is important is to give lectures and brainwash these people deeply through lectures!
The result is often like this. The more people attend the lecture, the more gifts will be given to you normally in the end, but you are deeply involved in their courses.

They also have certain routines in giving lectures, especially grasping the weakness in people’s hearts and making money by bubbling the net. The course content they talk about is closely related to the audience under the stage, and then tell you how sad it is that people have lived all their lives, and finally enjoyed their old life, and their children are filial, but they don’t have a good body to enjoy life!

To tell you in disguise, people’s bodies are just like cars. If your car is not maintained, it is easy to have all kinds of failures!

In the end, they are all for the gifts of a few dollars, often emptying all their savings and all kinds of health care products to maintain the so-called health of those lecturers!

However, the above cases are only aimed at the old people under the line. If they are put on the Internet, this free routine can still be played, but this routine on the line is not aimed at the old people, but the young people!

Young people have super ability to pay, and many swindlers use free delivery to induce those who like to be greedy and cheap to find them, so as to get rich income!
You can open the mobile phone WeChat and find the small program WeChat Index in the search box. We can search for the keyword “Send Free”. We can see that more than 10 million people search for this word every day!

If you know people who search for such words, you will know that in fact, most of them come from the bottom of society, and their ability to distinguish right from wrong is still very limited, and their cognitive ability is much worse than those who have a strong sense of paying, and they always do not have enough judgment in the face of many fresh and endless things!

We can search for free delivery in Baidu Post Bar, and we can see a lot about free delivery. There are also many scars, most of which are based on free delivery.
Zhiqun analyzed, in fact, most free delivery is just a means of drainage, not only in Baidu Post Bar, but also in places where there is traffic and users have free delivery voices. Although they are at the bottom of society, they all have a certain ability to pay, and their main groups are mainly young people!

For example, sending mobile phones free of charge is very attractive, and there are many kinds of information about sending mobile phones free of charge. Most people are thinking when they see this post, but there will be no pie falling, but there are also many people who think that if they are lucky, they will meet a good person!
And some of these flows are drained to WeChat, and many of them are made of ash!

Like before, Wechat business likes this routine very much. When users join this Wechat business, this Wechat business will tell you that all these free places have been sent out. Please be patient and wait for the next batch. If you help to forward it to the circle of friends now, give it to you free of charge next time!

In this way, the user helped Wechat business, and the circle of friends split for the second time, and it was still free, and you wouldn’t delete him either!

Then he began to brainwash you in his circle of friends every day, launching various products, and showing some screenshots of payment for selling products every day. After a long bombing of his circle of friends, many people will be moved. As long as you drain more customers and have more WeChat friends, there will always be a certain number of transactions. Once the transaction is completed, it will be a lot of income. Of course, there is a certain probability problem. The more people, the higher the probability.

Just find a few information flow platforms and publish this kind of free news. Generally, micro-businesses can drain thousands of people, and then slowly transform them through the circle of friends.

However, it always backfires. The more greedy people are, the more they lose. It is popular on the Internet that free is the most expensive thing in the world!

Many people have taken detours for many years because they are free. Many people make money by sending free mobile phones or sending some items to bubble nets. Some people exchange items with your information, while others let you register for a certain platform. In fact, these are gray industries!

A friend of mine used this routine before, and saw that the mobile phone was sent for free in a post bar, so he added the WeChat sent to that person for free, and then he would ask you to provide relevant information, ID card, household register, photos of holding ID card and mobile phone number, and a lot of relevant personal information, and then told you to wait patiently.

In fact, at this time, your information has already been swiped by online loan. If you are in a hurry, they will tell you that the activity of sending mobile phones free of charge is actually taking sales data, because just after the new products are launched, you have to rely on data to speak. You just want to use your information to simulate the purchase records of normal consumers. After the completion, I will give you cash and mobile phones from 1000 yuan!
Most people will be attracted when they see this kind of information, so they do it one after another, until more people step into this free delivery pit. They use this routine of free delivery one after another, and take the information of those users to make online loans, which can be cashed out in almost one week, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands. The more people there are, the more money they can cash out!
Before long, your phone will be madly called in by the debt collection company. When you feel cheated, the person you are looking for can no longer be found. They have already deleted you and put you on the blacklist. All the pain will be borne by you alone. As long as they find many people like you who are greedy and cheap, they can earn millions a month.

It is through this routine that many people’s savings at home are drained and earned by bubbling nets, and they are completely caught in an infinite loop!

There are many cases like this. For example, there were a lot of idle fish before, and some worthless goods were sent free of charge. Although the goods were sent free of charge, the postage was expensive, so they used the name of free delivery to earn fuel! There are also many night markets, which let you scan the code by sending products free of charge, in fact, it is to help others unseal WeChat, and they are even higher than others! Zhiqun won’t give examples one by one. I think many people have been to the pit!

All the above cases are real cases, and I want to tell you not to be deceived by sharing them! Free delivery is the most expensive thing in the world, so don’t fall into the trap of free delivery!

Don’t be greedy for petty gains and suffer big losses!

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