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The core of large traffic is that your net is big enough and there are enough baits.


When many network novices start to learn to do projects, they will encounter a problem: projects that can make big money in the long run are too complicated to operate, and they can’t be realized directly.

Other friends don’t have big ambitions for the time being, so they want to simply earn more than 10,000 yuan a month to subsidize their families.

Don’t talk about thinking all day long, let’s do something that can be realized by getting started.

Don’t worry, sir. I’ll serve you hard food.


About half a year ago, I instructed several students to practice virtual projects. At present, most of the virtual projects on the network are mainly paid courses, and there are some broken sister software tools and so on.

From the traffic point of view, I don’t quite agree with the large and comprehensive virtual resource project, because you publish new content every day, such as publishing five new courses, ABCDE, so the drainage content you leave on the whole network is only limited to a single information, such as ABCDE.

The core of large traffic is that your net is big enough and there are enough baits.

Just post a message, how can your target users find you in the ocean of information?

All-round casting net is only suitable for platforms that hold traffic, such as portal websites, where different advertisement contents are released every day, and some people will definitely click, because users are in the hands of the platform.

Don’t argue with me that as long as there is enough content and there is traffic, if you publish information in the public domain traffic pool, why should the platform show it to you alone?

Why some people can’t catch up with their sisters and cast a net in an all-round way;

Why did Neptune cast a wide net and catch a lot of big girls?

Our ordinary people don’t have the life of the sea king, so they rely on the luck of Jiang Taigong.

This also explains why most people who do online courses can’t earn money, and they earn enough to collect agency fees at home.

When many people do business, they often overestimate the user needs of products and their ability to integrate resources.


How do novices earn more than 10,000 pieces a month through virtual resources?

My opinion: Deeply cultivate a small field and thoroughly understand the categories.

When we choose products, we must think from the following dimensions:

  1. Is the market demand big
  2. Is the market competitiveness big
  3. Is the user’s ability to pay strong
  4. Is the profit margin large enough
  5. Is the project realization cycle long
    The unit price is low, but it is profitable


What virtual resources are suitable for doing?
Market competition, go to search keywords, see if the number of peers is large or not, and the degree of competition is big or not.

As for competition, I have a different thinking logic: sometimes when we sell products, we don’t have to rush to grab business on the same platform as our peers.

For example, now everyone says that e-commerce is not easy to do and can’t make any money, especially a certain treasure, which has great competitive pressure and is not as easy to do as it was ten years ago.

Competition in the stock market of popular products must be a bloody one.

Lovely little babies, why do you want to hang on a tree? This is not only a treasure, but also a spell, a certain east, salted fish, and a walk?

The platform competition is fierce, so can’t it be drained to private domain traffic for transaction?

Weak water 3 thousand I just need to take a ladle, which is natural and unrestrained;

It’s stubborn to insist on that ladle if you have three thousand weak waters.

The logic of drainage is also applicable. The high-weight self-media platform drains soft texts and pushes them synchronously. If the competition of Q&A website is fierce, it will be returned to WeChat official account.
Set up accounts in batches, keywords+long tail words.

Do subdivision, and it is best to eat dry and wipe clean.


Customers need a lot, have a strong willingness to pay, have a profit margin, and know how to do traffic.

Finally, where do resources come from?

I don’t know if the students have noticed that when we searched peers in the whole network and added peers to understand their project mode, they have quietly told us the “source of goods” …

I often tell the trainees that the best and quickest way for us to make achievements in a new field is not to immerse ourselves in groping, but to directly find peers who have done well, pay them and become their customers.

When we experience the whole process, we are already a teacher.

Colleagues are the best teachers and suppliers.

Soft text layout, bait setting, traffic channel, transaction speech and resource handover, the whole business closed loop is completed in one go.

Regarding the realization of traffic, I share an idea here:
80% of users are greedy for petty gains and even want to Bai Piao, and 20% of paying users are the source of profits.

80% of users can use fission traffic, so that they can receive resources for free after forwarding;
20% of users realized through sales, which is the main source of profits;

Among the 20% of transaction users, 3%-5% of users can be developed as agents, which will become a steady stream of income in the future.

When doing a project, you must remember not to indulge in the project itself, but to jump out of the project and look at it from a higher place.

For example, the virtual resource project I shared today is essentially a business of “engaging in traffic and selling traffic”, so can we extend different sub-projects for the same user group?

When you hold a lot of traffic, you should clean and classify the traffic to maximize the value of the small flow pool.

Many friends in the circle play with astringent flow. Theoretically speaking, astringent flow is the worst realizable value. Many people hold a lot of astringent flow, which can only guide adult products, some mosaic video websites, and then sell them to spinach.

I used to share a case at the annual meeting of the company. A well-dressed white-collar worker, even sitting at the top of the company in the office, may be playing videos unsuitable for children on the computer.

Station P, a world-renowned learning website, ranks among the top 50 in the world, with 115 million daily active users.

What is this concept? At least one out of every 60 people is a P station user.

Theoretically speaking, no matter what business you do, you can put advertisements on P station, provided that the advertising cost is low enough.

I emphasize here that no matter what kind of resource project you are engaged in, if the flow scale in your hand is large enough, you must cut the subdivided flow, and use this cow with large flow to suckle your various subdivided small projects.

The biggest advantage of private domain traffic is here. You only need diversion, and there is no secondary traffic cost. What you earn more is net profit.

Not specific enough? You already have a lot of resource flow in your hand, and you can create an account matrix to reverse the flow. Movies, wallpaper avatars, wool, software, novels, movies and TV can be dispersed slowly. After subdivision, the flow is more accurate and the realized value is greater.

Yellow users are in the hands of the website and can only sell yellow prices;

Yellow users are also financial white-collar workers, and they can sell at a high price.

Several students I coached before earned an extra 10,000 yuan per person, relying on this coaching scheme.

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