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What do physical businesses do? Offline traffic and popularity


Yesterday, a friend from other places came to me and asked me to send him a location. I sent him the house number of which district and which street I was in, and sent a lot of them. Then my friend told me, can you send me a location with a map, and make me navigate directly and find it easily? Then, when I searched, there was no mark on the map where my company was, and then I started the omnipotent circle of friends in the evening, and sure enough, there was a friend doing it.
He told me that he can help me mark my location in all places of the whole network. The normal charge is 491 shops. Because I helped him solve some problems before, he won’t charge me, and there is no cost anyway. Because of the businessman’s nature, when I hear about zero-cost projects, I get very excited. I ask him, what is your income from doing this one year now? This friend didn’t tell me his income directly, so he told me that he had worked in this industry for two years. His own home is in a second-tier city, and he bought a house and a car in his home.
So I kept asking, and this friend told me that there are five people in their company now, mainly searching for various businesses on many group buying platforms or take-out platforms. After finding the name of the business, I went to search on the map to see if I could find this store. If I couldn’t find it, I would contact this business to introduce their business. In fact, there are a lot of people who don’t know where to mark it. For example, I have been doing the Internet for so many years, and I have ignored this field, not to mention those physical businesses. And what do physical businesses do for a living-offline traffic and popularity? You can’t even find a map of a restaurant or restaurant. How can you ask guests to go to your home for dinner?
Because of this pain point, the success rate of their business is generally around 70% to 80, and one order is 500 yuan. As for the cost, there is actually no cost. All applications are free. To put it simply, this project has no cost except labor cost. At this point, you should be able to understand why this project can make this friend’s primary capital accumulate so quickly. In fact, this millet is the same. The core of making money lies in some operation modes and methods that you know, others don’t know, or that you know others don’t. As long as you have poor information or ability, you can convert them into services for others and realize them.

The reason why I share this project is because the profit of this project is very high, and no investment is needed. With regard to the above-mentioned method of map marking, I have the nerve to exchange two boxes of Chinese flowering plums from this friend’s hand. If you need a small partner, you can add my personal number. Ok, today is so much, study more, work hard, how to be worth hundreds of millions. I’m a bubble net, and I share some secrets of making money with you every day.

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