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Today, I’m going to talk to you about the project of La Xiaoqun, because I had an exchange with a team leader who worked on this project before, and this project is quite clear, including what changes have taken place in this project in the past two years, which is basically familiar, but today I don’t intend to analyze this project in detail, just want to briefly talk to you about the contents inside.

  1. Super profiteering gray project

How profitable is it?

Let’s take the team I talked with as an example. It’s a team. In fact, there are only two or three people, and the income is almost 20,000-30,000 yuan a day. It’s a huge exaggeration, and you can work anywhere you like. As long as you have a mobile phone, you will be OK, and the things you have to do every day are very simple, that is, placing orders and settling accounts.

This is based on the gain they can’t expand their subordinate teams at will.

Because the risks are too high, there are only a few subordinate team leaders at present. If you really dare to expand indefinitely, it is definitely not difficult to earn tens of millions of dollars a year.

  1. The principle and process of the project

In fact, this project should be regarded as a powder selling project, which contains many links. Let me analyze it for you.

  1. Fan Transformation Team A

A is dedicated to transforming fans, and A is generally made of black products, such as zp, spinach, etc., which is the main reason why the project of pulling a small group will become a gray project.

  1. Powder collection team B

The team I communicate with is actually a team that receives and sells powder.

Collect the powder from below and then sell it to a.

  1. Flour making team C

The milling team mainly completes the milling task according to the requirements, and then gives it to B, and obtains the corresponding commission income according to the number of fans.

The operation process of the whole project is:

C generates a large number of WeChat group QR codes, buys the user’s mobile phone number database → gives these two data to B→B sends it to C to complete →C is responsible for searching for mobile phone numbers with WeChat, adding friends, and then pulling these friends to C. WeChat group →C submits data to B→B submits it to A→A verifies and settles commissions to B→B settles commissions to A.

This is probably the process.

The unit price of a powder given by C to B may be around 15, and the unit price given by B to A may be around 12.

A, a large number of treasure moms and college students can be recruited to work part-time to complete the task of WeChat flour making, and then they may be paid to those who work part-time according to 5 pieces of flour.

  1. Sources of high risks

C, who does fan conversion, basically does zp, and the powder entering WeChat group may be cheated by thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

After the fans were cheated, they called the police, and jc could find the WeChat that brought the fans to the group, so as to catch these part-time treasure moms and college students. Many of these people thought that they were a simple part-time job on the Internet, but actually they were helping zp Group to complete an important step of zp.

So it appeared on the Internet. Some college students, who may have only worked for a few days and pulled dozens of people, were arrested, not only fined but also imprisoned.

As far as I know, many people who work part-time in this small group have received calls from jc, and they belong to industries with high risks.

  1. Why is it super profiteering?

On the Internet, the number of treasure moms and college students who want to work part-time is horribly high, and 100,000 people and 1 million people can be found out.

Suppose you have 10,000 people who need to work part-time, and each person makes 10 people for you every day, that is, 100,000 powder, with a discount. The actual settlement amount may be 80,000 people, and each person can earn a commission difference of 5 yuan, thus earning 400,000 yuan a day.

Some people may ask, if there is such a large amount of c?

According to the information I have learned, you can eat as much as you can, but the premise may be that you can directly connect with C ..

OK, let’s share something about pulling a small group here.

This thing should have been popular two or three years ago. Up to now, after more than two years of development, the playing method has changed many times. At present, it seems that there are quite a few practitioners.

Even in our circle, there are some people who have done a good job in personal IP, who are actually secretly operating this project. There is no way. It is really too profitable.

Since it is so profitable, and I am familiar with the process here, I can even find the resources from home and abroad, so why don’t I do it?

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