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How to do traffic for female users. Operate Xiaohongshu


Are men rich or women rich?

This is a very nonsense question. Because we can’t count the wealth of all men and women in the world, this is a question with no accurate answer.

Is male spending power strong or female spending power strong?

Anyone who is good at marketing will tell you categorically that “men’s spending power is the same dog”.

Although this is a bit unpleasant, it seems to be true.

Men’s consumption belongs to low-frequency and high-customer’s consumption. They buy cars and houses, travel with their families, occasionally mix with nightlife stimulation, and spend little on other aspects.

In contrast, the female group is simply the favorite of the business, making up, wearing, skin care, fitness, and bags …..

Merchants can launch 1,000 kinds of products to meet the needs of 1,000 female users.

Whoever can seize the mind of female users will get the right to make explosive goods.

What is the favorite app of female users’ mobile phones? Little red book.

How to do traffic for female users. Operate Xiaohongshu
Congratulations, today is another day to meet a scholar. Today, let’s talk with you about the operation strategy of Xiaohongshu.

If you want to operate a platform, you need to know the operation and development process of a platform first.
Walk into Xiaohongshu

The initial positioning of Xiaohongshu is a sharing community for overseas shopping. With the increasing number of platform users, Xiaohongshu’s positioning has gradually transformed into “a sharing community for a better life and a platform for women to shop and grow grass”.

From this point, we can learn the fact that users use Xiaohongshu not to “brush” but to “search”.

Brush means that users browse unconsciously, which is more entertaining, such as Tik Tok and bilibili.

Search means that the user opens Xiaohongshu with a purpose, just like opening Baidu. She usually knows what she needs. These are two completely different user behavior tracks. (Of course, some users brush Xiaohongshu as a circle of friends)

Then we can imagine the scene where users open Xiaohongshu platform: they just want to buy a cosmetics recently, so they go to Xiaohongshu to see if there are any good recommendations. Either the appropriate strategy of planting grass is found, or the content recommended by the system is given to “planting grass”, shopping is completed on the platform or placing orders on other platforms, which is a closed loop for users to use Xiaohongshu.
At present, Xiaohongshu has more than 300 million users, over 70% of post-90s users and over 80% of female users. These are the unique advantages of doing content social e-commerce. After all, women and post-90s are the mainstream users and consumers of the Internet.

At the same time, Xiaohongshu lived up to expectations and showed his strong ability to plant grass.

Products labeled with “Little Red Book” frequently become hot searches of e-commerce, and small red book explosions are frequently screened in friends circle, and small red book software has almost become a “treasure app” for female users.
In the eyes of users, Xiaohongshu is more like a search tool, whether it is wearing, makeup knowledge, skin care knowledge, or dry goods of various tutorials.

The content field of Xiaohongshu is not as extensive as other platforms, but the verticality of Xiaohongshu’s content is a few blocks away from other platforms.
A professional blogger

Since Xiaohongshu is so popular, can we share it?

It is an excellent thing whether a KOL takes goods or uses it as a drainage fish pond.

If you want to achieve the above two goals, you must master the operation means of Xiaohongshu, and know how to make the content that users like and the account number that the platform likes, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly increasing powder.

Xiu Cai said before that there must be a problem of content positioning in every content platform, and this problem is more obvious in Xiaohongshu.
The essence of content socialization is based on trust in IP, which is the foundation of people’s trust. If you make cosmetics, share your clothes today, share your fitness tomorrow, and share your study the day after tomorrow, how can you impress others?

Labels produce specialization, and you have been sharing strategies on tourism, which will subconsciously label you as a tourist master in others’ minds. When others encounter problems on tourism, they want to consult with a master, which creates interaction, which will lead to a deal, so the content of Xiaohongshu must be vertical and specialized.
Everyone says Xiaohongshu is a platform for planting grass, so what is planting grass?

The content creator of Xiaohongshu is responsible for producing the original content, immersing the user in the scene through the output of pictures and words, triggering the search desire, so as to achieve the purpose of product exposure.

These contents are pre-experience-let you believe that as long as you use this cosmetic, you can be as beautiful as the picture, and you can also enjoy it in the written description when you buy this snack.

Because words are colloquial and pictures are living, it is easier to draw users into the experience of their products.
This is planting grass, which is both platform content and advertisement. The effect brought by word-of-mouth propaganda is often more lethal than hard and wide.
How to make eye-catching headlines

If you want to know what is easy to explode, you must first ponder the algorithm mechanism of the platform.

The algorithm mechanism of Xiaohongshu is that there are thousands of people, that is, personalized recommendation.

In human words, every sentence in the notes will be broken into a bunch of keywords, and then these keywords will be used to match the labels of user accounts, and content recommendation will be made in combination with search habits, so as to try to recommend suitable content to suitable people.
As we talked about earlier, users of Xiaohongshu open Xiaohongshu with a purpose, which means that there is a lot of search traffic, and how to make a good title is very important. (match search traffic with title)

Therefore, we should make good use of search keywords and hot word recommendation to help us find the core keywords, so as to obtain search traffic and obtain greater note exposure.

Here, there is a small detail that needs attention. If a note is not included in the system, the recommended traffic will not be obtained.

What is included?

That is, when you search for keywords in Xiaohong Bookstore, you can find your answers. (If the notes are not included, it is equivalent to writing them for yourself and not recommending them to others.)
How to judge whether the content is included or not?

Copy the first sentence at the beginning of the note and put it in the search box to search. If you can’t find it, the content is not included.

How can it be included? There are a few tips for this.

First, the pictures cannot be exactly the same. If you take other people’s pictures directly for use, there is a great possibility that they will not be included.

But we often encounter a problem, what if there is no original picture material?

Put a picture in Mito Xiu Xiu, and make some modifications that do not affect the beauty. For example, add an expression, fine-tune the color, and modify the lighting degree. The modified picture becomes a different MD5 picture, which can reduce the probability of not being included.
Second, copywriting conforms to the community style.

Xiaohongshu is a grass-planting community, not an advertising community. It is definitely not possible to directly transfer the details of a certain treasure and the contents of product promotion.

Advertising doesn’t need to pay too much attention to user experience, but planting grass does. If a little red book is full of promotional information, would anyone like to open it?

Therefore, the copy part should be written from the user’s point of view and from the personal experience. Too many commercial copies can easily be judged as advertisements.

It is also very important to avoid sensitive words. For example, Amway, strongly recommended, earning money, discount, buying and other marketing words can’t appear in Xiaohongshu, otherwise it is easy to be dragged into the dark room.
In addition, according to the habit of search engines, the first sentence with keywords at the beginning of notes and the last sentence with keywords at the end will also increase the probability of being included.

Only when it is included will there be recommended traffic, and the content that is not included will be narcissistic. The content is produced from the perspective of platform and user experience, and the probability of being included is still very high.

After listing, go back to the title. The title is the key to obtain search traffic, and the title of each note needs to be carefully carved.

I read hundreds of explosive note titles and refined seven writing angles of the title.
Crowd, cost, effect, region, scene, composition and brand.

People, for example:

Boys wear naked makeup everyday, and otaku turns into small fresh meat.

Acne skin and oil skin students’ party must see, cost-effective skin care suit for boys.

For example, cost:

A full set of make-up makeup that can be done for 100 yuan, the student party novice horse lives

The average price is only one hundred, and the cheap and easy-to-use cosmetics are shared, which is false and plain.

Such as effect:

Eight brown collections, super white hair color reference in autumn and winter

How yellow and black skin counter-attacks cold and white skin, and how girls turn white and beautiful.

For example, region:

HK shopping guide, Hong Kong cheap authentic beauty shop.

Japan’s top 15 sunscreen PK, exclusive secret.

For example, scenes:

Boys’ daily makeup on campus. Boys become handsome and watch out for opportunities.

Must-have party, rich rose plasma makeup.

For example, ingredients:

Exaggerated Xinjiang sugar-free milk powder, natural milk is so delicious.

Baby complementary food seasoning powder, natural and healthy calcium and iron supplement.

For example, brand:

MAC new product, transparent frosted lipstick ~ almond fig color ~ knock gently.

YSL new product, pink gold cover glossy lip glaze 204, special rose black tea.

No matter how the author chooses the topic, no matter what opinions the author throws, the title is carried out around these seven perspectives.
How to make explosive content

After finishing the title of the content, let’s look at how to make the explosive content.

What content do users of Xiaohongshu like?

This needs to determine the purpose of users to go to Xiaohongshu and be planted with grass.

Planting grass is only a superficial phenomenon, and reducing decision-making cost is the essential reason. Facing the huge commodity and information database, users’ shopping decision is not an easy task.

Users feel confused about such a large amount of information, and they need strategies, methods, collections, evaluations and other things to help them think, so that they can purchase satisfactory products.
Many bloggers who operate Xiaohongshu always think they understand, their literary talent is flying, and their beauty is unparalleled. Just write and take a photo can explode.

But I still want to throw cold water on it. Most bloggers are just self-excited.

I don’t care what the user pays attention to or what the pain point of the user is. I spend most of my time taking a beautiful picture, but no one likes it.
What is good content? Content that users like, content that users want, and content that solves users’ problems.

For example, I want to look for a beauty product, whose main function is to whiten the skin. As a result, you talk to me about skin care.

Do you think I will be planted with grass? It’s impossible.

For example, if I plant a moisturizing mask now, my action of collecting materials should be like this.

  1. Mining the user’s concerns on 5118.
    According to the keywords, we can do a day’s mining of user needs, and we can see that the places that users are interested in are:

Does it contain hyaluronic acid, how is the whitening effect, how is the price, whether it is made in Korea or Japan, whether it is small honey stock solution, and so on.

  1. By subdividing the user’s demand points, we can better see the demand in the subdivided fields behind the demand.
  2. According to the relationship map, you can find out other issues that users still care about.
  3. By summarizing the above requirements listed in turn, we can draw the following conclusions. People who search for moisturizing masks are most concerned about the following issues:

A, whether it is hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask.

B. What is the whitening effect of this moisturizing mask?

C, whether the ingredients contain bee stock solution.

D, whether it is from Japan or Korea.

E, whether it is suitable for oil skin and pregnant women;

F, how to nourish the skin.

G, etc. etc.

In this way, you can dig out the problems that users are really interested in, and dig out the real pain points of users, instead of writing self-written copywriting.

There is also a writing method, in which you extract the popular answer points of bloggers of the same type of products and see what directions they are writing.

Almost all the explosions cater to some psychology of users and solve some problems. Collect high-quality answers from multiple bloggers, and the content you write will not be worse.

This is the copy part of Xiaohongshu’s copy.
Drainage and realization methods:

Then we will talk about the realization of Xiaohongshu’s drainage and operation.

Let me talk about drainage first. Remember not to be fished. It is forbidden to publish contact information in Xiaohongshu private letter, which will be recognized by the system. Some peers will conduct fishing law enforcement, deliberately ask for contact information, take screenshots to report maliciously, and the report will be banned, and even be directly titled.

There are three ways to learn by leaving contact information in Xiaohongshu.

  1. Change the little red book number to micro signal, and let the user see the little red book number by private contact information.
  2. The nickname has the same name as WeChat official account, and the introduction reminds users that the whole network has the same number.
  3. You can register your email number with your qq, and then leave your email. Many people know that QQ is the mailbox, leaving a micro signal in the QQ signature. Although the transformation path is relatively long, it is safe.
    In addition to drainage, we can also complete the realization in Xiaohongshu.

Advertising with goods is always the most direct way for media people to make money, and Xiaohongshu is not included.

There are three factors that determine the liquidity of an account.

First of all, it is a cliche that women love beauty, so the price quoted by bloggers of skin care and makeup is still the highest.

In fact, it is an account such as EQ pro-word for digital tourism. Although the amount of advertisements is less than that for women’s makeup, after all, the golden fathers of Xiaohongshu have more money and still have great potential for realizing.

Strive to achieve 5,000 fans, and more than 5,000 bloggers and advertisers will take the initiative to come to your door. If the number is less than 5,000, you will have to find someone to dock privately. Generally, 1000-500 powder advertisements can be used. If the fans have high viscosity, they can ask the boss for higher prices.

Since the media, it is an era of grassroots, but it has also passed the era of the rise of grassroots. Now, the rise is not an overnight success, but a steady strength and a little luck.

The threshold of content creation will be raised, and it is necessary to return to the curse of the industry’s 28-law after all. But don’t worry, for fighters who are good at seizing opportunities and accumulating in learning at all times, there is still plenty of room for operation from the media.

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