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Net earning, revealing the “unknown field” that you still don’t know


One of the techniques of making money

I don’t usually use Pinduoduo, so I don’t say why. Everyone on the earth knows that I tried to use it once last month. Unexpectedly, I accidentally dug up a “big routine secret”. Come on, follow my keyboard, and reveal the “unknown field” that you still don’t know.

That day, on a “bright moon and sparse stars” night, my fingers slid and swam on the major e-commerce platforms in order to find a suitable teleprompter.

A treasure, a cat, a certain Ning, always feel that the price is “beyond my imagination”, and reluctantly passed the “Pinduoduo which was forcibly installed on my mobile phone without my consent” the day before opening.

After clicking on it, the usual “keyword search”, all of a sudden, all kinds of “word prompters” came to me, which made me stare big eyes, and at the same time made me “fondle admiringly”, that is, the price was much cheaper than a certain treasure.

I swam in the ocean of goods in Pinduoduo, browsed from house to house, and finally chose a seller who felt quite reliable, asked some basic information, and also talked about my requirements. The professional ability of customer service on the mobile phone side and the service attitude in no hurry made me feel particularly good.

There is no suspense to spell the order successfully, and there is nothing wrong with the delivery of logistics. Soon, it will arrive in 3 days.
Not a routine

When I unpacked, my eyes turned green and I went. I obviously bought a teleprompter, but why did I receive a data cable? Immediately, a cavity anger arises in courage.

Decisively looking for Pinduoduo’s customer service theory, after some “angry and incoherent” venting, the customer service explained to me “nicely” that the goods were sent wrong, and they would give me a full refund.

Faced with this “elegant and polite” customer service, I was ashamed of my “lack of calmness”, even “grateful” and “a little tear wet my eyes”.

According to the process, I need to select “transaction refund and return” after the order is sold. After the other party agrees to let you refund, you need to return it by express delivery at the address provided by the seller.

The seller’s efficiency was “beyond my imagination”, and the money was returned to me within 3 days, but when I contacted them again and wanted to buy their teleprompter, the other party said “out of stock”.

This is obviously “bluffing nonsense”. On the product page of their teleprompter baby, it clearly shows that the inventory information was still “full of goods”.

Since people don’t want to sell, I can’t “force”, hehe, but to be honest, I just “force”, and what kind of “eggs” can I use, and people don’t want to sell it to you, can you still “carry him over and beat him up”?

However, a series of god operations in this Pinduoduo shop, which “puzzled the two monks”, still aroused my interest in this “Sherlock Holmes brain”. I wanted to dig deep and see what “ecstasy” they were selling inside. In the end, I was puzzled and had to give up hastily.
This secret is a bit embarrassing

A few days ago, I had tea with a friend who was also an e-commerce lecturer, talked about it, and then poured out my doubts to him.

Unexpectedly, my friend was very clear about this set of roads in Pinduoduo. He smiled and explained to me the secret of this routine to make money.

He said that some sellers in Pinduoduo are not making profits through the difference between the import and sale of goods, but playing the idea of “shipping insurance”. For example, some of them buy 50 items on a treasure every day, and then give a full refund. At this time, the freight insurance can be refunded to him in 500 yuan, while 50 express delivery is sent at one time, and the average express delivery fee is 5 yuan. In this way, an average day can earn 250 yuan out of thin air.

Of course, this is an act of defrauding insurance, which is illegal. We should avoid all actions that are related to the law, so the “innovative tips” that the Orientals make good use of are put to use. They change a way a little, and they are basically completely formal.

To reveal this poor information, we must first have a shop. Now the cost of opening an online shop is almost negligible. For example, a certain treasure, Pinduoduo and other similar online shop platforms, opening a shop is about the deposit of 1000 yuan. Of course, this is only a deposit. If you don’t open a shop, you can return it to you.

After the store opens, choose a product, and the price of this product is lower than the purchase price, even lower than the price of the whole industry (note: this is the key point).

For example, the immortal operation mentioned above is like this. For an identical product, the unit of measurement is exactly the same. A certain brand on a treasure sells 100 pieces, but only 50 pieces on a Pinduoduo.
I see

So how does this seller make money?

First of all, when they choose products, they usually choose the best-selling products and set the lowest price.

As we know, the price of products is irresistible to traffic. When a user buys a product, the merchant will send a product that is irrelevant and of low value to the buyer.

It also involves a key point, which is also the key point in the whole routine, that is, products sent to users should not be packaged and shipped by themselves, but must be delivered by a certain treasure, and there should be “transportation insurance”.

Pinduoduo merchants send this irrelevant item purchased from a certain treasure to users, and users naturally choose to refund after receiving the goods, while Pinduoduo merchants apply for a refund from a certain treasure. Generally speaking, this freight insurance will basically be called to you as claim freight soon.

However, most users don’t care about the return freight, because there is no business related to applying for refund of freight in Pinduoduo at all, and some of them can only “apply for refund”, so the freight is actually paid by the user, but a certain treasure has returned the freight to the merchants in Pinduoduo, so the merchants in Pinduoduo earned money.

After listening to my friend’s words, I am very smart. No, I can’t express my admiration for these people with the word “smart”. It’s no exaggeration to say that they are “a very powerful group of people”.

And now there are indeed many people doing this in Pinduoduo. As we generally understand it, “refund and return” is not a good thing, but you can’t stop that there are so many people who are making a lot of money by this “way”.

The world is so big that there is no wonder in it. I can only borrow the opening line of [Zhengda Variety], a popular variety show of CCTV more than ten years ago: “The world is really wonderful if you don’t watch or know”.

In addition, I would like to add that there are a lot of money-making skills and so-called secrets. Sometimes you may be in them, looking at flowers in the fog, and you can’t understand why. However, many of them are just a layer of enough paper, which can be broken when you poke it. The key is whether someone will enlighten you.

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