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Paying attention to the needs of people around you is the first step to make money


There are fan messages:

“Why do we talk about money? It is tens of thousands a month.”

In fact, the answer is simple:

“What you pay attention to, you will see what kind of scenery”

Under the current Internet environment, there are many opportunities. As long as people are not lazy, work hard a little, and earn thousands of dollars a day, and then do thousands of part-time jobs, they can reach the level of five figures in one month.

More differences lie in whether the project is stable or not, and whether there is long-term compound interest effect.


Paying attention to the needs of people around you is the first step to make money

I have a friend who is a doctor in a private hospital.

20 years National Day joined the fishing business circle, looking for opportunities to realize the network.

At that time, the shopkeeper was quite strange, according to common sense:

Doctors are equal to high-paying talents, with good welfare benefits, so they still want to work part-time.

He said:

“The desire to live is endless, and it is too difficult to make money by salary alone, so it has been tossing and turning around, and there is no guide and circle to make money, which is really a little blind. “

Knowing the general situation, the shopkeeper suggested that he look at the social information first, and then calculate his own resources.

This is the answer he gave back to Bubble Net at that time, and many of them have profit margins.
But sometimes it is difficult to choose too many, and it is easier to get confused.

His question is:

“Always want to use all resources, the result force don’t know where to make. “

So the shopkeeper suggested to him

Go to mix all kinds of circles, often be active, see the needs of different people, what can be docked.

He followed suit and became an active member of the group.

Share information
Free answering questions
Docking resources
Self-taught website building
Station building order
Intermediate order

After half a year, a lot has changed in contact.
Ask him how he realized it.

Use skill advantage: online consultation and answering questions

Using environmental advantages: docking with local resources

Take advantage of others: outsourcing to order development

Because they are active in the group, many people are willing to pay the bill from him.

He can handle what he can, but he will outsource what he can’t.

Slowly, he found his own position on the Internet.


Interest is the biggest shortcut in making money

There are many ways to make money, but the shopkeeper is still willing to dig deep in WeChat official account.


Because one’s own interests are important.

I like reading since I was a child, and I have a little persistent interest in writing.

Write something every day, and you won’t feel tired, but rather relax.

Making money is just a matter of course on the basis of interest.

In fact, I have said the same thing many times.

When we do things, the failure is mostly due to the lack of positive feedback.

If you lose weight, you will be disappointed.
You make money, no one pays the bill, you are sad.
You don’t get a long grade in the exam, and you are sad.

These things are all things that need long-term accumulation to complete.

Human brains are naturally pessimists.

Do something against humanity, but if there is a little setback, there are countless reasons to give up.

How to overcome this process?

The answer is also very simple: love him.

Lose weight, not lose weight, but the mental state has changed, which is a good thing.
Make money, no one pays the bill, but business awareness has increased. Good thing.
Examination, the score is not long, but the probability of wrong questions is reduced, which is a good thing.

Think in a different direction, and many obstacles will be overcome.

Falling in love with what you are doing is the shortest way to make money.


The happiness of the peak belongs only to a small number of people

There is an old friend who hasn’t been in touch for many years, who earned the first pot of gold by painting.

In the shopkeeper’s impression, he is a person who can’t match painting at all.

So I found a chance to chat with him and summed up his experience:

  1. Do what you are interested in.

When I came into contact with painting by chance, I found it was a very interesting thing.

I found some information on the Internet and taught myself for a few days, but I never got the point.

I studied in a training class for two months, and I was able to draw some simple works independently.

  1. What you learn is what you own

I met many friends in my class and learned that many people earn money by painting.

Then imitate their methods and look for opportunities

I took the initiative to find some shops with customized avatars in Taobao and asked if I wanted to work part-time.

Unexpectedly, I came into contact with many bosses in need very smoothly.

There are actually many similar channels:

Illustration forums generally have an entrance for recruitment calls

Recruitment websites generally have information about part-time jobs in illustrations

Vertical community, many commercial illustration needs will be released

Although the unit price is not high, a painting costs 10 or 20 yuan.

But the victory lies in the stability of single quantity, which is very beneficial to the exercise technique.

  1. Seize any opportunity to take the initiative to sell yourself

With the improvement of technology, the drawing efficiency is not only higher and higher, but also has its own style.

After half a year, I began to upload my works on some professional illustration platforms.

For example:

Stand cool, lion circle, rice painter, graffiti kingdom.

There are many people who pay attention to the content, and some people come to talk about cooperation slowly.

There are many ways of business cooperation, and the market price is about:

Children’s illustration: 300~500
Customized avatar: 100~800
Brand packaging: starting from 1000
IP whole process design: starting in 2000
H5, webpage, applet with pictures: 1500~8000

Yesterday’s hottest headline:

Xiaomi spent 2 million yuan to invite Japanese master Kenya Hara to design a new logo
Don’t talk about the design sense of logo, but this price is true. Where is the market price?

Compared with this incident, the whole network once again pushed Xiaomi to the traffic brought by hot search

This 2 million flower is worth it!

On the other hand, after some efforts, my friend has paid off a lot.

Today’s income level has also achieved a stable monthly income of 30,000+,which is regarded as a small achievement.

Earn some money by the way, he is a person who experiences happiness at the peak.

In the Internet age, learning resources are really worthless.

Whether you want to learn skills or methods, if you search more, there will always be an answer.

If you are smart, you can find free resources, grope for the pit and step by step.

If you are stupid, you can sign up for paid courses, hold a group and close the pit, and avoid detours.

Open roads every mountain, bridge roads when meeting water.

most of the time,

Whether a thing can be done or not has an answer from the beginning.

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