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A way to make money by operating WeChat personal numbers in batches is called group control.


Yesterday, I chatted with friends in a circle to talk about the operation methods, discuss the development direction of the business, and see if I can rub out new money-making projects. One of the topics, I think, is very interesting, that is, what is the value of micro-signals? We all have at least one micro signal. How much is it worth?

Perhaps most of my friends have said that according to the market price, how much is an old number, ranging from tens to hundreds, and the new number is worthless. Actually, it is not. It is a pity that we hold this tool to make money and realize cash, but we have not used it well.
Today, we don’t talk about the account itself, but just want to talk about the traffic value in personal micro-signals.

As we all know, micro-signals have already become saturated a few years ago. Now it takes a lot of money to create a new number. For example, our current Android phones are basically dual-card dual-standby, and most of them are both WeChat and QQ. In the early years, we created a new number. After such a long period of unconscious number raising, there is no problem in opening two micro-signals, but you can’t take the micro-signals just established by the new mobile phone. If two,
The more friends there are in WeChat, the more business opportunities there are. The more business opportunities there are, the greater the chance of making money by operating WeChat. This is one reason why many friends have made money by operating WeChat personal numbers in batches from the beginning, and this method of making money is now called group control.

Only micro-signals operated in batches can be called group control, such as group control, group control and praise. This principle is actually very simple. It is nothing more than a computer controlling hundreds of mobile phones. In the past, it only needed to control these mobile phones through USB, also called USB group control. Now, we can use the network to realize cloud group control. The computer is connected to the cloud server, and then the server issues instructions to connect hundreds of mobile phones to operate at the same time. Its advantage is unlimited control. As long as you have more mobile phones, you will have more control, and there is no limit on the number. However, if you have USB group control, the USB protocol ports inside will give us about 100 control numbers at most.

Basically, in ordinary studios, USB group control is enough. If you have 100 mobile phones working on WeChat at the same time, basically 180,000 a month is a very easy thing. However, it needs manual control, which takes up a part of manpower. It can directly project the pictures on the controlled mobile phone onto the computer screen, and operate according to the numbers to realize one machine and one yard. Earlier, most studios or individuals liked to use USB group control to add powder, because when 100 numbers are operated, the powder adding speed is very fast, and powder adding is also the behavior of operating traffic. As we all know, traffic on the Internet is equal to money.
Since there are many platforms to make money now, the single WeChat group control number can’t satisfy the appetite of those big studios, so they began to pick up some lists such as praise, brush reading, registration, etc., such as similar Penguin number, headline number and other self-media platforms, through group control, batch praise, brush reading, ranking, etc., and even operate CPA. Imagine if a simple APP registration is in 0.5 yuan, Then, after 100 mobile phones are operated, we will earn 50 yuan for this registration task, but this is just one of many registration tasks, and it is very easy to earn thousands of dollars every day.

I often hear the number of people: WeChat is the traffic portal of the mobile terminal. This sentence is absolutely true. A circle of friends is equivalent to our store, where you can sell and shout any business. Do you have to force a lot of advertisements in your circle of friends every day? If your circle of friends is also controlled by the group, a lot of advertisements in your circle of friends can help you do any business.

When chatting yesterday, I heard this friend tell about a treasure mother in his circle who operated a WeChat group of less than 200 people alone. This month, about 20 days ago, the profit was about 27,000. I was surprised. A single treasure mother group of less than 200 people will have such a big spending power, and a friend around me seems to be similar to her. There is also a shopping group of about 500 people, me. She told me that it is to clean up the inventory for the merchants. Of course, the prices are cheaper, but there is a commission even cheaper. My friend is not as good as the treasure mom mentioned in yesterday’s chat, but my friend is just a WeChat group of 500 people, whose monthly income often exceeds 10,000. Even in the worst time, there are almost more than 3,000 incomes a month, which is completely equal to the normal monthly salary of an office worker. The traffic value in the courseware WeChat is very impressive.

Now, as long as the micro-signal involves transfer, it will constantly remind you of real-name authentication. In fact, the purpose is for one person and one number, and it may be more professional to raise the number in the future, which means that it will be more difficult for us to raise the number in the early stage, but these measures will only eliminate those unprofessional teams.
When it comes to the value and significance of WeChat traffic, we have to distinguish the forms of WeChat traffic. As we all know, the most common traffic is the flood traffic. In theory, everyone is a fan, but if you are in a vertical field, such as body building, then some yoga enthusiasts, runners, gym customers and so on are your precise fans.

No one will dislike money and no one will hate accurate fans, but it is very difficult to obtain accurate powder. If you spend money, the cost will be very high, and the flood flow is different and easy to obtain. It is necessary for us to accumulate the first batch of original fans in the early stage. Of course, the flood traffic will accumulate more and more, and so much flood traffic will have an impact on our transformation. Although the traffic transformation in the industry basically tends to about 1%, the flood traffic in the early stage has not even been transformed, which mainly depends on the base.

Using the USB group control technology we talked about before to control our micro-signals, each number assumes that there are 1000 flood flows, so what is the number of 100 mobile phones, and the flood flow is about 100,000. Now there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of people playing group control. Most of these micro-signals are raised by themselves, and I may also buy some old numbers in the early stage. I really don’t know what I can do with 100,000 WeChat flood fans. Because there are too many projects that can be operated, CPA, Wool, etc., which are converted by 0.5% every day, have more than 500 accurate fans. Assuming that we register for APP and make a single profit in 1 yuan, then this registration alone will earn 500 yuan every day, and it will be completed in about ten minutes, making huge profits?
If you want to operate this project, you must first have a group control software system. Let’s go to Baidu by ourselves. Basically, it can survive until now, mainly because of the charging problem. If it is generally reflected in the forum post bar, it can basically be used, and the rest is to operate and then operate.

If you want to make a lot of money, you must invest time and energy in the early stage. The best thing about doing projects online is that you don’t need to make personal connections, give gifts, go through the back door, etc. If you seize the opportunity, you can make money. You don’t look at people, you just look at execution. As I often say, you must find a way through the Internet when you turn over.

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