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After a very small subdivision of the industry and getting through the ideas, the operation will be carried out immediately


A year ago, I once wrote about a very small sub-industry. Insurance agents paid for it. There were always careful people. After they got through their ideas, they immediately implemented the operation.

Since January of this year, it has earned about 500,000 yuan, and it is becoming more and more sophisticated.

I am also very grateful to this friend for his recognition. Let’s revisit this project today, hoping to bring inspiration to more people

Yesterday, in a shopping mall parking lot, I met a man who kept pressing the card on the wiper.

This kind of card, which I think drivers often encounter, is nothing more than small cards of various mortgage loans. I didn’t care. When this person walked in, I saw that it was my junior high school classmate. I greeted him casually and chatted. Ask him what he’s doing recently.

He said, to do the agency compensation for traffic accidents.

I really haven’t heard of this industry, just at noon, I had dinner together and chatted at the dinner table.

He said that this industry, in fact, existed before, but it was very hidden and not large-scale. Now I have started to do it on a large scale.

I asked, does this agent have a market?

He said, there must be, and the market is very big. To tell you briefly, how many private cars are there now? How many traffic accidents are there every year? But how many people really know how to settle claims?

Basically, after the accident, many people’s attention is focused on the accident. Instead, many people don’t know how to maximize their own interests. Every year, we pay a lot of money for commercial insurance and traffic insurance.

However, when making claims, it is easy to become weak. On this basis, if we cut in in time, we will sort out their materials and quickly settle the claims through relationships. And can maximize the benefits, why not?

I asked, how much money can you earn on this order?

He said that the average amount is about 10%-20% of the claim amount. The minimum is 2,000.

I was surprised to hear this number. I asked, what kind of claims are you taking more cases?

He said that cars usually collide with each other, and then people are killed or injured, which makes the operation more profitable. Especially in hospital, there are more compensations.

After listening to his words, I searched the Internet immediately, and sure enough, there are such companies in many places now.
It seems that this market is still relatively large, and there is demand everywhere.

I asked, what scale are you doing now?

He said that at present, five people, when there is no case, all go to large parking lots and parking lots in residential areas to issue cards. Moreover, there are many clients who are introduced by this kind of transfer, and it can be said that there are specializations in the art. This is what we eat.

I asked, if you do this, how can you make the insurance company pay money quickly and maximize its benefits?

He said, in fact, we are just an intermediary, and many things we operate need partners. For example, at present, we all have acquaintances in the branches of the four major insurance companies in our place, and we can prepare and report all kinds of materials we need at the first time.

Moreover, insiders, especially those who claim compensation, make profits by bubbling the net, which is a clear compensation for all kinds of expenses. They all have a detailed calculation standard. In this case, the operation is simple. It’s their sideline.

There are also some small insurance companies, which do not have branches. Their claims are also insurance agents used to conduct surveys. There are more tricks in it.

I said, after docking these people, we can solve all the problems?

He said, the most important thing is to have cooperative lawyers, that is, for some small insurance companies with little popularity, the brand awareness is very low, and car loans are usually tied with compulsory insurance, all of which are small companies. Especially easy to wrangle.

Therefore, if you need to know the law, you can list the adjustment rules of the insurance regulations, prove our professionalism, and let him settle claims quickly.

Make sure they don’t delay.

Listen to him say so I also one leng one leng, didn’t expect there are so many issues. He said that he is basically busy now, and there are cases every day. When he can only park himself, he can put up an advertisement by the way to expand the business scale.

I asked, how much money can you earn this year?

I can take over 150 cases a year. In fact, it is a team, which means going out to listen and giving people a professional feeling. They all go it alone and pick up their own list.

It’s all cooked, and it’s not that complicated. The higher the claim amount, the more profitable it is. In one year, I bought a house and a car worth more than 100,000 yuan to run business.

Comparing the house prices, it is estimated that he can earn more than 1 million a year.

I asked, in this business, can those people start quickly?

He said, just be shameless. I can talk about money with my face down. You can send money to others, and you can pull down your face when you ask for help. Generally, if you pay a large amount of claims, you need a lawyer and look professional. Small compensations are settled quickly through relationships. As long as the resources of three parties are properly docked, the project can be operated completely.

Of course, the more people you use, the higher the cost. Basically, everything that can be done independently is done by oneself, so that the profit is bigger.

After talking about these, the dinner came to an end. After leaving contact information with each other, they left. Sitting in the car, I was thinking, in many industries, the more hidden, the more specialized, and the closer to money, the easier it is to make money.

Thin-skinned people are hard to adapt to development in any industry or environment.

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