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The closed-loop transaction of WeChat ecology has gradually taken shape, and a new realization path has been added.


It has been nearly two months since the “group live broadcast” of WeChat grayscale test, and its popularity continues to rise, which has aroused the imagination of countless people.

The emergence of group live broadcast means that live broadcast can be carried out directly within the group without using other applets or apps, and the closed loop of WeChat ecological transaction is gradually taking shape, which adds a new realization path for merchants.


How to open WeChat group live broadcast and use its functions

At present, the live broadcast of WeChat group is in the stage of gray scale test, and only some users have permission to use it, so users do not need to update to the latest version of WeChat.

First, how to open the group live broadcast

  1. Click the “+”on the right side of the chat dialog box in group chat, and find the “group live broadcast” entry in the menu bar on the second page below.
  2. Click on “Group Live” and agree to the Terms of Use of WeChat Group Live Function, then you can start live broadcast and video with other members in the group in real time.
    Second, the group live broadcast function
  3. All members of WeChat group can launch live broadcast, and interested group members can participate.
  4. After the live broadcast is initiated, the live broadcast link will be automatically sent out in the group, and the members in the group will choose to watch it according to their own wishes.
  5. WeChat group live broadcast only supports likes and comments, but does not support forwarding. However, group members can initiate the function of voice linking with wheat in the live broadcast room, and can interact with wheat after the anchor agrees.
  6. After the live broadcast, the total duration of the live broadcast, the number of viewers, comments and likes will be displayed on the anchor interface, and playback is not supported.
  7. There is no shopping cart for group live broadcast, and there is no loading function.


Community+live broadcast collision new spark

Community and live broadcast are the hottest Internet words in 2020. What spark will the combination of the two collide with?

First, high-quality private domain traffic

The users deposited in WeChat community have trust in the community. In this community, all of them are interested in this community theme, and the products and contents of live broadcast also conform to the community theme. Therefore, community users are private domain traffic with higher viscosity and higher quality than users in public domain traffic pools such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker.

With “group live broadcast”, group members are potential customers and consumers. Shopkeepers who do purchasing and group buying can conduct on-site evaluation, explain recommendations and answer questions immediately. Real-time interaction and video presentation make the shopping experience more convenient and comprehensive.

Second, how to do community live broadcast?

(1) make the overall layout

Use community to precipitate private domain traffic, cultivate loyal fans, build user relationship platform, and then use live broadcast to enhance depth and trust, systematically present products and content, establish deep emotional connection between merchants and users, and maximize the advantages of community and live broadcast.

(2) Diversified publicity

The combination of community and live broadcast needs other ways, such as distribution and short video.

Distribution: It can help merchants to expand the community scale faster, and let former community members actively help merchants to promote.

Short video: Before the live broadcast, it may not be enough to impress consumers to watch the live broadcast by relying solely on the propaganda means of soft text, but short video can be more vividly displayed and publicized, which lays a good foundation for the follow-up live broadcast and attracts more consumers to watch the live broadcast in the live broadcast room. Especially now that the WeChat video number has been opened, it is a traffic portal that can be used well.

(2) Small program+WeChat group live broadcast complement each other

Wechat group live broadcast is a further dig into the private domain live broadcast format. Although shopping carts cannot be added to the live broadcast room at present, the group scene itself can directly enter the small program, and users can use the small program to place orders while watching the live broadcast through the floating window.


WeChat group live broadcast realization ideas

After nearly two months of actual measurement and practice, many experimenters have summed up several ways to realize the live broadcast of WeChat group. If we play the live broadcast of WeChat group well, we can occupy the high ground where 1.2 billion users bring goods, and it is not a difficult problem to earn more than 10,000 yuan a month.

  1. WeChat group trading is realized

Compared with people who try hard to realize their money every day, some friends have started the business of buying and selling WeChat group. According to industry sources, some WeChat groups with the function of “group live broadcast” have now sold at the price of 300 yuan.

Some people started the business of entering the group experience in 9.9 yuan, and used the time difference to make money first at the stage when the “group live broadcast” had not been widely covered.

  1. Training and classes (paying for knowledge)

Once the “group live broadcast” is released, it will be extremely beneficial to do knowledge payment and training courses in WeChat ecosystem. In the future, pay for knowledge, pull a paid community, and broadcast live directly within the group without jumping to external links.

At the same time, the live page can be minimized by clicking on the top right corner. After being minimized, you can watch the live broadcast in the group while chatting and discussing, which can completely simulate the real-time classroom. Subsequent discussion and follow-up on the course content can be realized in a WeChat group.
At present, the live broadcast can’t be played back, which is not friendly enough for knowledge courses or training content, and it needs an assistant to record the whole process.

According to Xiaobian’s actual measurement, the group live broadcast function will appear in a group with fewer people. If you are interested, you can look through your own group list, and there may be surprises.

The new outlet may have been quietly formed. As for how much help the group live broadcast can bring to the merchants and product promotion, it is necessary to constantly test and study the group live broadcast game, and maybe you can become the first person to eat crabs.

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