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Those fancy money-making routines seen on idle fish.


Hello, everyone. Today, I will share with my friends some fancy money-making routines I saw on idle fish.

In the previous dry goods articles, we shared with you that selling goods in idle fish is mainly divided into two categories: physical and virtual.

Reveal the high-end gameplay of the idle fish earning project!

In fact, idle fish is not only a good place for us to sell goods, but also the lowest threshold channel for us to build personal ip.

The following figure:

A fisherman puts his own experience on the homepage. I can have a general understanding of it by clicking it in. If his product is just what I want, I will pay attention to it conveniently so that I can find it conveniently next time
So what are the routines of making money by idle fish?

Products, in addition to the physical and virtual things we often say, have many strange needs for human beings

For example:

  1. Help me out online

Are you still scratching your heads for the decision of one thing? Have difficult choices?

Don’t worry, let the idle fish go to the netizens with big brains to help you

  1. Network Cashier

It’s hard to find someone in reality. I finally chatted with my favorite person on the Internet and wanted to ask out to meet him, but what if the distance is too far away? What if I can’t get away with something urgent?

Don’t worry, look for local network presenters in idle fish, people will help you inspect from all angles, and take photos without beauty and filters ~

  1. Take a shot

Can’t you get the limited edition? Learning without self-control? It’s always too tired to keep fit?

Don’t worry, you deserve the cloud supervision service on the idle fish

  1. Pick up the service

You can’t find anyone out with anger in your heart?

That’s ok, the service of picking up and scolding the idle fish will definitely not fight back, and the scolding will not pay back
In addition, there are various services such as urging to lose weight, copying, hand modeling, artificial wake-up, and Netease Cloud.
At this moment, I suddenly found that when I was swimming in idle fish, I was not facing shops, goods or services, but “people”.

Sometimes the replacement of resources is not necessarily because of money, but because of people’s hearts.

I don’t know if you still remember the emotional WeChat official account that you shared with your friends before. One line is 100,000+reading

Every word pokes the young heart. Some people also commented on the Tik Tok that it is really lonely. When going to work alone, people on the subway hang their heads and play with their mobile phones. Those chefs in the take-away software always accompany them to eat. Except for their parents and friends who are far away from home, there is no one around to share their pains and joys.

Those good and bad emotions can only be digested silently by oneself.

Therefore, changing your thinking, thinking of something that you think is humane, giving it to users and helping others, can be regarded as self-achievement.

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