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Which fields are suitable for the same city number?


Some programmers ask me if I have a part-time job after work.

After thinking about it, there are actually many methods.

Focus on thinking.

Compared with ordinary people, programmers have a certain threshold, and need to know the code, algorithm, framework and other things. Therefore, as long as you dig deep into a field with a little snack, there will be a lot of user needs.

Today, I will give some simple examples to talk about the sideline projects of programmers, hoping to enlighten you:


WeChat applet project

What is a small program? I won’t emphasize the concept of making money by bubbling the net. I’m in contact with things every day.

Simply put, it is a platform that can carry some functions, which is more convenient than the speed of opening web pages and WeChat official account.

The previous company developed several small programs for health monitoring, and then received a service fee of 180,000/year from a real estate company. After doing several real estates, it made millions of profits.

Except for the salary of developers, the project itself is almost zero cost.

Of course, the above is a company-level game, which requires a strong database and is not suitable for individuals.

What’s the fire about the recent small program?

Then the answer is naturally the play of movie WeChat official account+traffic master.

To put it bluntly, it is to earn Tencent’s money through some special channels.

For those who do well in the industry, it’s not a big problem to have 10,000 pieces a month.
How does the micro-channel movie and television small program earn money, and achieve a monthly income of over 10,000!
As a result, this project was packaged into a training project with a monthly income of over 10,000, which attracted many people’s attention.

I also got a general understanding of the market:

It is not zero cost and zero risk to operate such small programs in order to gain profits.

On the one hand, the revenue can’t be separated from clicking and browsing. If there is no fan base, it is very difficult to realize it. If you want to take a shortcut, it will be fine in the short term. In the long term, if the amount is large, it will be easy to be found and sealed.

On the other hand, the income is not stable enough, and the main income of traffic flow is settled within 15 days, so if the money closed for the last settlement can’t be obtained, basically the previous hard money can’t be earned back.
Of course, this is a form of malicious face brushing.

If we want to make money for a long time, we should naturally take the right path.

So let’s talk about how to take this right path.


Movie-like applets

As we have seen just now, since the revenue of small programs comes from traffic.

So what kind of fields, users need more?

Film and television.

Everyone likes watching movies, TV dramas and variety shows.

Because many apps are charged, and some film sources are not always available, such as American TV series and Korean TV series.

Secondly, the user’s stickiness will be very high, so users can’t watch only one movie. Once they use it, they will have the opportunity to use the applet for a long time, which will bring us benefits for many times.

Finally, this kind of small program usually has an automatic dissemination function. As long as you promote it to a group of people, you don’t need to promote it. They will automatically forward it to friends around you. After all, everyone has this demand.

On the whole, the small program of film and television is a suitable direction for long-term operation.


How does the project operate?

The revenue of traffic owners fluctuates. Normally, the revenue of one click of 1-5 yuan, some advertisements with high customer unit price, such as financial management, investment and stock advertisements, may have higher revenue, and 10-20 yuan is all possible. Of course, this is the case when normal users click, and some data generated by brushing will definitely not achieve this effect.

How to promote the project?

Still the old WeChat ecology:

Friends circle

WeChat official account

WeChat group

Video number

Search a search

Secondary backflow of external channels:

Tik Tok

micro blog

Knowing each other


Post it

halves of a bean

The best effect is definitely the ecosystem of WeChat, such as video number.

We can intercept some wonderful clips of movie commentary peers from video platforms such as bilibili, Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker, Good-looking Video, Tencent Iqiyi Youku, etc., and then modify them and send them to the video number. Below the video number, leave a link to the applet. Remarks: Search XXX movies and you can watch them.

Above, the path runs through and operates circularly, which can not only make money, but also raise the number and sell money, and can continuously drain water, thus achieving multiple goals at one stroke.

Above, from the point of view of a content creator, if you want to make money, you must continue to die.

Let’s look at it from another angle. What business is the easiest to make money?

Selling shovels to gold diggers.

With the rise of video numbers, and the flow support of small program advertisements by WeChat.

In the coming months, more and more people will pay attention to this field, and there is no shortage of people who don’t understand the procedure.

What will they do if they want a piece of it?

Nature is to find someone who can develop, to help customize the small program.

At present, in the market, developing a small program is basically a set of source code, which costs several hundred dollars at a time.

If you are program-related, it is estimated that you can get a shell applet in half an hour.

If customers require new development or customize some special functions, the difficulty coefficient will definitely be higher, and the price will naturally be more expensive. This is suitable. Whether you do it yourself, give it to colleagues, or outsource it to others depends on your own ideas.

Basically, if a small program is made, it means that countless small programs are made.

How many you can sell depends on your own marketing level.

That’s what we’ll share today. We’ll continue to talk about the specific operation methods later.

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