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How to make money from the media?


Many people say that self-media makes money. Why can’t I make it? How to operate specifically?

I believe this is not only the misgivings of my friends, but also the misgivings of many old Internet drivers.

Here are some suggestions for newcomers who want to do or have tried to do self-media:

  1. Choose the field
  2. Choose the platform
  3. Choose the realization mode

The above three core points are put into practice, and the market prospect and market share are considered, and then it is feasible to start work.

  1. Choose the segment that suits you

Since the vigorous development of the media, it can be said that almost all walks of life and a wide range of fields have been occupied by prophets, and it is undoubtedly throwing eggs at stones when newcomers come up to confront big bosses.
Second, choose the platform that suits you

If a novice doesn’t understand the platform, he mistakenly thinks that there is only one platform to do, that he has worked hard for a long time and failed to achieve results, and that it is deceptive to give up in a huff and shout.

  1. Traditional comprehensive platform-WeChat official account (receiving advertisements, paying for reading, appreciating income, taking goods commission, etc.)
  2. Subsidized income platform-Today’s headline, Baijia No.,Big Fish No.,Penguin No.,Watermelon Video, National Video, Zhihu Video No.
  3. New goods from the media-Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker, WeChat video number, Micro Amoy, Xiaohongshu

Understand the attributes of each platform, and choose the platform that you can do or have the ability to do.

  1. Clarify your own profit method
  2. Do the mode of fans receiving advertisements
  3. Video platform subsidy income model
  4. Send video with goods commission income model

The typical operation is the Tik Tok book list number. Although it is outdated, the income is still the same. Just like Fan Deng teacher Tik Tok can’t brush it, but in 2020, he accumulated 40 million paid members, which is calculated according to the annual fee of 365 yuan. It is conceivable that the book list market is still hot. (If there are more interested friends, go back and elaborate.)

  1. Run your own paid community

This requires a certain precipitation of Internet experience, sophisticated realization and comprehensive ability. Of course, there are also some people who cut leeks. It’s good to know, and there are mainly measures to do knowledge.

  1. Live rewards and goods
  2. Receive the task and earn the commission for the task release

The above-mentioned core contents can be implemented after being sorted out, but remember not to blindly follow the trend and make profits through the net. In particular, many novices see that some big bosses can easily earn hundreds of thousands of millions of profits, and they are itching. Novices who enter the game have already achieved great success when they can achieve one tenth of the big cattle.

As a matter of fact, many friends who have been doing it for 4 or 5 years still can’t achieve a stable monthly 2w+, and they still can’t break through at the level of tens of millions of dollars. Don’t be confused by other people’s profits, and let yourself fall into the illusion of “I can”.

Especially for beginners, the profit process, unclear positioning, poor technology, substandard comprehensive ability, and problems in any link, it is possible to work in vain or even lose money.

If you can achieve a stable income of 5,000+for six consecutive months, you can consider doing it full-time, and you need a clear positioning from the media. If you only rely on the money subsidized by the money-making platform, you should not be full-time even if you are given 10w, which is too risky.

If your self-media is specific brand positioning+WeChat official account+personal WeChat, by the way, if you do other platforms, such stable income can be considered for continuous cultivation.

After all, the best and most reasonable way to realize traffic is to realize private domain traffic and provide users with real value experience. In the words of Teacher Guo: “Fans are our food and clothing parents.”

For example, if you run a subdivision of PPT learning, send pictures and texts in WeChat official account, send videos in Aauto Quicker, Tik Tok, and send courseware and experience lessons by video number, the combination of them is still very effective and worth promoting.

By rational analysis and finding the right starting point, you can also realize the benefits of the bosses.

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