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A new computer money-making project, using a browser to watch web pages and mine money.


Can computers surf the Internet to make money? It’s not the first time that a friend who comes to make a blog without using the internet must know that computers can make money. For example, if a computer hangs up, the benefits are small but reliable. In addition to hanging up to make money, a new computer money-making project has recently emerged: using browsers to look at web pages to mine money. It combines the virtual currency which is very popular recently, so that people can query and browse the web on the Internet, and generate a little virtual currency which can be converted into RMB, killing two birds with one stone.

Project dynamic tracking

Updated on April 16, 2020: The symbiotic currency has run, and there are other mining activities to play
As mentioned above, browsing web pages requires a specified browser: Maxthon browser, which generates virtual currency when surfing the Internet every day. This currency is called Symbiotic Currency.

Both mobile phones and computers can use Maxthon browsers of corresponding versions to browse web pages and generate symbiotic coins.

Symbiotic currency registration

  1. If you browse this article on your mobile phone, click here to register;
  2. If you are browsing this article by computer, please scan the QR code below with your mobile phone to register

After the symbiotic currency account number is registered, you will be prompted to download Maxthon Browser and download and install it. Note: Maxthon browser account is different from previous symbiotic currency account. If you didn’t have this browser account before, you can log in by registering one; If you have already registered, you can log in directly.

  1. If you are downloading and installing Maxthon browser of mobile phone version, log in and click [Mining] in the middle of the homepage-> Bind the symbiotic currency account registered before, and then surf the Internet with Maxthon browser of mobile phone version, which will automatically mine.
  2. If you download and install the computer version of Maxthon browser, you also need to log in to the browser first, which is exactly the same as the previous mobile phone version.

After the browser logs in successfully, click [Download Now] → Install Mining Plug-in in the symbiotic currency picture at the top of the home page to bind the symbiotic currency account number. You can dig symbiotic coins by surfing the Internet with Maxthon browser.

How to dig more mines?

You can mine to get symbiotic coins by using Maxthon browser normally; Set Maxthon browser as the default browser, so that no matter what you search, it will search by default;

Continuous use of Maxthon browser every day, without interruption, will produce more symbiotic coins;

Recommend friends to use Maxthon browser to mine. One person can charge up to 10 apprentices.

You can reply to your symbiotic currency invitation code in the comment area below, and you may be able to accept students successfully.


At present, the official has not opened the trading channel of symbiotic currency, but it has been seen that many private individuals are collecting currency.

You can monopolize private money when you dig it, or you can wait for the official recycling of symbiotic money.

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