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For example, a rare computer money-making project, the hanging state resumes hanging up to make money


Hang-up countries resume hanging up to make money. This rare computer money-making project has been maintained. Everyone can earn pocket money on this comprehensive hang-up platform if they have computers. Of course, if you hang up in batches or promote it, the income from hanging up will definitely be more than a small amount of money. At least three years after insisting on operating the hang-up state without routine, the accumulated income is more than 30,000, and the blogger is satisfied with this income for the hang-up project.
If you don’t mention the income of the hanging machine state for three years, you don’t want to prove the income level, but you want to show that this computer hanging machine earning project is stable and reliable. Therefore, when opening the display maintenance of official website in the hanging state on June 16, 2020, the routine shows calmness and calmness, trusting the operators of the hanging state and believing that they will return on schedule. At that time, there was an uproar around them, and they all expressed concern that it would fall.
Now, the hang-up state has really come back, and it will inform the hang-up QQ exchange group at 475859530 without routine. If you want to get the hang-up information in time, you are welcome to join the group. This group has no characteristics, that is, it has few advertisements, timely announcements and the ability to exchange experiences.

At the same time, with the completion of this maintenance, the official of Hangji State also brings an inner OS, which will definitely bring you closer to the official.

Hangjibang inner OS

The hanging machine state has been maintained for three or four days, will you worry that the hanging machine state will run away? Run away with money? O(∩_∩)O, no, for you, Hangji State is your part-time platform, and you get some part-time income from the platform every day. But for me, hanging a machine is all I have. Runaway, liar, nonexistent. The future state will only be better.

The year 2020 brings us too many worries and warnings. A few days ago, I just saw in an article that Bangge’s animal sign and 2020 also seemed to contradict each other. I never thought that such a problem appeared a few days later.

About two months ago, websites were frequently attacked. Therefore, under the introduction of a member, the high-security server was replaced. However, the server has serious problems, resulting in data loss, and the server has no snapshot backup. Fortunately, our daily data are backed up and saved, and the latest available database backup is April 10th.

Therefore, we re-import all the data of coding and hanging up after 4.10 days into the website on a weekly basis, and deduct the cash withdrawal amount after 4.10 days after issuing the weekly list reward. Thereby realizing data recovery.

The lesson brought by this incident is painful, and we have learned from it the experience of dealing with such incidents.

Here, also make a notice, many members have great dissatisfaction with our system, and the website has slow response speed and bad experience.

Also, in what age, there is no app! ! !

We are well aware of such problems.

Bangge has been looking for a suitable task system, suitable developer and suitable app for secondary development in various ways. However, it takes a lot of time, cycle and cost to develop a perfect website system.

Finally, an ideal system carrier was found in the previous months, and we will carry out secondary development based on this system.

Perhaps, in two or three months, the state of hanging machine will be presented in front of everyone with a brand-new look.

Meanwhile, the inconvenience caused by this incident to Bangyou will be compensated by various activities and rewards in the new system. If you have any other questions or objections, you can communicate and check with the customer service of official website. Therefore, the second problem is our fault, so we won’t let members suffer.

No, the routine has something to say

It is not difficult to see from the description of the website maintenance given by the stationmaster (Bangge) of Hangji State above that he is also a grassroots personal stationmaster, and he has encountered difficulties in the process of operating Hangji State.

This is very similar to the non-routine: they are both grassroots webmasters, and they encounter various operational problems every day, but they also persist. Just because he has thousands of fans who hang up, he also has his own friends who go it alone.

As Bangge said: “Hanging the machine is my whole”, so is not the routine: it is my whole to earn money without routine, and it will only be better to earn money without routine in the future ~

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