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Like it for 88 cents at a time? It’s definitely a liar’s platform for everyone to speak quietly!


Is it reliable to praise Tik Tok? People don’t talk in secret: Yizan is a liar platform! Why are you so sure? Just praise it once for 88 cents, which is already the sky-high price of the industry that praises money, and there must be something fishy about it. Look at Yizan, who can only do 3 tasks free of charge every day. If you want to make more money, you have to pay to upgrade vip. Isn’t this a common trick used by scammers? Therefore, if you don’t put a penny into the game, you won’t be fooled. By the way, it costs 2.64 yuan a day.

This year, Tik Tok praised the money-making routines one after another. This new praise is slightly different from the interfaces of shaking the boss, shaking the boss and micro-cats. However, those hoodwinking gangs can only change their skins, and their purpose is very unified and firm: to fool netizens into filling money, it is not difficult to see their flaws by analyzing the details (such as unit price, vip, cash withdrawal requirements, etc.).

In the future, there will be many “Yizan” online. I hope you can accurately identify the routines and avoid being deceived. Also welcome to join the QQ communication group (group number: 475859530) without routine hang-up to discuss and learn from each other. This group has no characteristics, that is, it has few advertisements, timely announcements and can exchange experiences. Let’s officially start the tutorial, which teaches you to earn 2.64 yuan free of charge every day until the cheater changes the income rules.

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