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Making money by browsing advertisements can be subdivided into two categories: making money by mobile phones and making money by computers


Make money by browsing advertisements? It must be true, and it can be subdivided into two categories: mobile phones and computers. It’s a pity that the project of making money by watching advertisements on mobile phones is too unstable. By contrast, the project of making money by browsing advertisements on computers is reliable. I love advertising task network as an example. The treasure to be introduced today is a similar part-time job on the Internet.

Project dynamic tracking

Updated on April 16, 2020: The treasure has run away, I like to watch advertisements on computers to make money, and I can also play, the task network I love

Updated on January 6, 2019: Sign-in income is reduced from 200 gold coins to 30 gold coins!
I don’t feel like I haven’t released a computer money-making project for a long time, mainly because there is no new one. Recently, I learned that Fenbao, a computer browsing advertisement project, didn’t pay attention to it at first. However, in practice, it is found that it is very suitable for fans and friends who don’t make blogs online.

I hope this sub-treasure will enable you to withdraw cash every day for those who go it alone without connections! Of course, if you are a superior person, you don’t have to waste time looking down.

Sharing treasure is suitable for going it alone?

The sub-treasure is suitable for the solo race, mainly based on the following three points:

Registered to 0.3 yuan, you can withdraw cash immediately;

Send 1 hair every day when signing in;

Withdrawal in 0.3 yuan permanently.

Register by treasure

Click on the red font to open the treasure;

Then click [Registration] on the upper right, and successfully register and get 0.3 yuan (600 gold coins).

How to make money by sharing treasure?

When you open the treasure-sharing website, you should be able to see a lot of money-making tasks.

However, it is suggested that you should do two tasks, namely, [Newcomer Zone] and [Browse Task]. It is the easiest and fastest way to make money.

Click [Browse Task] → Click [Participate in Task] → Click Digital Verification according to the prompt → Enter the advertisement page and stay for 10 seconds.
Note: When verifying, traditional numbers are on the left. Click the corresponding Arabic numerals on the right to verify successfully. For example, if you have three on the left in the above picture, you should click three on the right.

After browsing the advertisement, click [User Center] → click [Collect Now] in the blue on the left to complete the check-in.

How much can you earn from the above wave of coquettish operation?

According to the actual measurement without routine, browsing an advertisement will be rewarded with 10~11 gold coins, and signing in once will be rewarded with 200 gold coins.

Make money by browsing advertisements? Recommend the computer to play the treasure to make money, the third one-do not make a routine online
It took less than 2 minutes to complete all the tasks, and the total income was about 280 gold coins, equivalent to RMB 0.14.

The above is pure income from going it alone. If you want to further improve the income, you must promote it. The official will reward 20% commission.

Cash out by treasure

200 gold coins =0.1 yuan,

You can withdraw cash with Alipay if you are permanently full of 0.3 yuan.

You can arrive at the account within one working day, and you have already measured the account personally without routine.

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