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The computer hang-up platform that has always been appreciated most by no routine is the hang-up state


50 hang-up network. Really? This on-hook money-making platform has been heard for a long time. Recently, we set aside things at hand and specially tested the 250 on-hook network. The result was jaw-dropping. Just look at this computer hang-up income-earning 1 yuan every day will know that it must be reliable. On the other hand, scammers will boast that they earn hundreds of dollars every day when they hang up. Do you think 250 hang-up network is reliable? Furthermore, I never expected this on-hook website to be stable for 8 years!

Project dynamic tracking

Updated on April 16, 2020: 250 hang-up network closed down, and other computers hang up to play

The computer hang-up platform that has always been appreciated most by Buroutine is Hangji State, and it has not disappointed bloggers. Since the operation in 2017, the accumulated revenue has exceeded 30,000 yuan. This effect will definitely make many people stunned. This low-income computer earning project can still earn so much, but please don’t ignore the time consumed: 3 years.
For a blogger who is dedicated to helping people who work alone to make money, he will never care about the income without routine, but only care about whether the project is reliable or not. As long as the platform doesn’t fail, we’ll play with it until it’s old. When you look back again, you will find that you are also making a small profit. Isn’t the hanging state the best proof?

Therefore, starting from 2020, the 250 on-hook network will be included, and I hope that in the next three years, good on-hook income will be obtained again. What about you? If you like stable projects, join them quickly!
250 hang-up online game

250 hang-up network is not a simple hang-up platform, but takes task publishing (similar to reward cat APP game) as the core, and develops advertising money-making games, such as watching advertisements to make money and browsing tasks.

Among them, the task of making money by hanging up is actually the game “Bloody Battle on the Beach”. Click the navigation menu [Hang up to make money] → click bloody battle on the beach → fill in the hero’s name (your name can be changed by default), fill in the verification code, and then click to participate in the battle.
This is a simple game, click on the ground in the picture to move characters. If you want to attack others, just click the button “Send Message/Release Skills”. But don’t kill others before you know them well. If others have anti-injury skills, they will hurt themselves.

The above is a general introduction of on-hook, and now we will discuss the specific situation of on-hook of 250 on-hook network:

A, it takes one person to hang up once, that is, 1000 gold coins. At the time of registration, the system has already sent 5 yuan personal currency.

B, killing a person is rewarded with 1000 gold coins, but ordinary killing is difficult to kill others, because only 2 drops of blood are dropped each time. When you find that the gold coin in the upper right corner is not displayed, it shows the prompt of immediately killing 2 people with the killing skill. Then find someone with less blood, stand next to them, and release skills to kill them. You can hurt others with 10-15 blood each time. The same sect can’t be wounded.

C, stand still, don’t kill, don’t close the game page, just hang up to make money, earn gold coins. Up to 50,000 gold coins are hung up every day, that is, 0.5 yuan.

D, during the hang-up, check every few hours. If you are killed, the 250 hang-up network will prompt the person to be dead. At this time, you need to re-fill in the hero name and verification code to enter the battle, and spend 1 yuan character currency.

250 hang-up summary

Every day, I enter the “Blood War on the Beach” and don’t move. If you don’t close the page, you will hang up, and the daily income will be 5,000 gold coins;

Gold coins can be exchanged for adult coins in the personal center, and from 10000 to 10 yuan personal coins, they can only be exchanged once a day.

If you have more experience to share with the 250 on-hook network, welcome to join the QQ exchange group: 475859530 to discuss with group friends. This group has no characteristics, that is, it has few advertisements, timely announcements and the ability to exchange experiences.

250 hang up other ways of playing

250 Hang-up Network is now a comprehensive money-making website, but it only focuses on the hang-up section. Click the navigation menu [Task Hall], [Browse Advertisement], etc., and you can also make money.

After the task hall completes the task and passes the audit, it gets the character currency, and the task unit price ranges from 0.3 to 1 yuan (Note: 50 yuan in the task hall refers to the character currency, 50 yuan character currency =0.5 yuan cash);

The task of browsing advertisements is to earn gold coins. The revenue of an advertisement is about 240 gold coins, and it can earn about 800 gold coins at most every day, which can be done in 5 minutes.

250 hang-up network cash withdrawal

No matter whether you earn gold coins or personal coins on the 250 hang-up network, you can eventually exchange them into RMB, with the ratio of 10,000 gold coins = personal coins in 10 yuan = cash in 0.1 yuan.

Over 200 people (2 yuan) can apply for Alipay to withdraw cash, that is, they can withdraw cash once if they hang up on the 250 hang-up network alone for 4 days.

This income is not high, but it’s definitely a gesture that regular hang-up should have. Otherwise, how can it survive for 8 years, far exceeding the state where it went online in 2014?

If you want to make more money, then play some mobile phones to hang up and make money. It is also more convenient and conforms to the current development trend of online part-time job

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