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Are all the shared items cut with leeks and cheat people?


I believe everyone has paid attention to many other projects and bosses who work part-time, earn money online and so on.

But after learning so much, why can’t some people make money? Are all the projects shared by others cut leeks and cheat people?

However, today, I will talk to you about sharing money-making projects: Why do most people watch so many projects, but never make any money?
First, deny others

This is a particularly ignorant and terrible phenomenon. If you share a profitable project, there are so many people who are always finding fault and criticizing.

Finding fault in eggs means writing people’s sharers’ problems or so-called loopholes. How can these ideas of frog in a well make money?

I stressed earlier, don’t deny others’ ignorance, so that at least others can share it. Don’t worry about people who are better than you, because others are already n times better than you.

No matter how unreliable the projects shared by others are, you can learn a lot of knowledge from them, including learning from them.

But normally speaking, sharing a profitable project does not mean that the project does not make money.

It can only be said that the outbreak period of this project has passed, and it has reached the stage of intensive cultivation, but money can still be earned.

Second, just look, don’t act

Most people just watched the project, and very few people were really willing to do it.

It’s just a moment’s satisfaction to watch it purely, but you can’t make any money by watching it. So sometimes, we just watch people make money.

But if you really want to make money and earn income from sideline business, take action.

The premise of Qian Shengqian is that you have to make efforts and actions first. For other people who don’t act, it’s useless to look at 100 projects.

Third, fear of failure

Among those who do not act, there is a kind of person who imagines many failures for himself before he does it.

Although there must be a certain degree of risk awareness when doing projects, you can never make money if you only think about risks and don’t consider opportunities.

Not all projects have great risks, especially many small projects have super operability and small investment.

For example, as an agent for customers, there is no gift package fee, register directly, and share goods to earn commissions. For example, before the US group took out members, they had to pay the opening cost of 9.9 yuan, which was almost negligible.

I think everyone has a threshold for taking risks. Within a certain threshold, there is a project that can be tried.

How do you know you will fail without trying? What’s more, if you fail, you will lose hundreds of dollars, but it is not a matter of earning hundreds of dollars.

Fourth, I don’t want to invest a penny

People always ask if there are any free projects to do. There must be, but free projects need to be done by themselves.

The more free projects, the harder it is to do, and many free projects earn less money.

Then most people never thought about spending a little money on making money. Always thinking about starting a business at zero cost, and always thinking about others’ wool.

For example, many super people add me to WeChat to consult my project, and always want to give me a free answer.

Others, as long as you charge for your project, immediately refuse it.

I would like to ask, in the past, when apprentices didn’t get paid for two or three years, they had to pay tuition for their masters.

There are too many Chinese people, and there are more intelligent people. Any project that can make money for free has already been done by someone.

There is a threshold for making money. Some people dare not open a shop when they think that it needs to invest more than 100,000 yuan, but some people slowly return to make money.

In particular, we should emphasize the concept of paying for knowledge and paying for projects. How can people teach you the lessons they have learned hard and paid for?

Even if somebody else told you? At best, you only know the rudiments, and the core technology is always in people’s hands.

Learning to pay for knowledge is a shortcut to time and trend, which will make you run faster than others. Otherwise, it will take you three months to find out for yourself, and it will take time and waste money.

Fifth, only execute, don’t think, don’t be flexible.

First of all, we must affirm this group of people, or at least show that they are motivated. However, many of them are implemented blindly, and they are not combined with the actual situation of their own business.

In the process of implementation, the rules, speech and operation methods were not formulated in combination with the actual business situation.

Some people are willing to spend money and implement it. They often spend 10,000 to 20,000 tuition fees to sign up for a training class and increase the camp. However, there is no reasonable adjustment in the specific work, resulting in unsatisfactory results.

However, it was disgusting all the time, and after the money was spent, the performance did not rise, and then it began to vomit that many projects were cutting leeks.

No matter whether you study or exchange, no one will tell you the outcome. Your business should be done according to the 123 process. You need to explore and complete it yourself.

Sixth, look down on small money

When it comes to making money, most people look down on small money and always want to make big money. When it comes to part-time sideline business or entrepreneurship, people fantasize about earning 5,000 or 10,000 a month.

In recent years, a large number of people earn 40,000 yuan or 50,000 yuan a month, possibly hundreds of thousands. But the commission for general orders is only a few cents and a few cents.

If you look down on such small money, you can’t make big money.

To take another previous case, I went to participate in an offline push activity of a project. Look at a piece in the square of RT Mart. One person is selling children’s drawing boards.

He bought this from Yiwu at a wholesale price of 3 yuan, but every time he sells 15 yuan, he can sell 10 pieces on average every night. This means that he earns at least 3,000 yuan more each month, and he has no worries about his monthly mortgage in a fourth or fifth line.

Seventh, I want to make quick money

There are too many people around me who fantasize about getting rich overnight, and some people always want to do a project, which can make money quickly in the current month, or even exceed 10,000 yuan in the current month.

Therefore, they are always dismissive of the need and time to do business as friends. Not to mention the kind of small business that needs to be accumulated by a few hairs and pieces.

Often, as a result, they are cut when they are really leeks.

It takes time and manpower to do everything bit by bit, especially the long-term business, which needs long-term accumulation to be effective.

It must be remembered that for most people, most projects pay a price for time. Even if you earn a quick sum of money in the short term, you are likely to lose money by strength.

Eighth, I want to do everything

Nowadays, the social format is super rich, and there are many projects and methods to make money. However, this does not mean that one person can do many projects.

The more you do, the less refined you are and the less you can earn money. Rule of Success: Focus

Two days ago, someone asked me for advice, saying that they wanted to write articles, shoot short videos, do live broadcasts to bring goods, and do community work and pay for knowledge. Ask me how to start, at that time I was really speechless.

Inadequacy is a pain point for most people, which leads to the consequence that no benefits will be gained in the future.

Therefore, I think that people who are specialized in the field of specialization can be

Enough to withstand a lot of periodic effects.

Ninth, professional ability is not enough

I would like to put this point at the end. Because it is a common problem, many people can’t make money after watching so many money-making projects.

Most of the time, it’s not that the project is unreliable, or that you don’t want to spend some money. But the personal ability and resources are too poor, and there is no way to start.

Then, this also applies to the previous chicken soup for the soul: when you see others effortlessly, it is because they are excellent enough.

No one can succeed casually, some people spend time, others spend money.

If your own professional ability is not enough, you can’t understand any more projects and have no resources to do them.

The matter of making money must be inclined with resources. When you haven’t the ability to make big money and trade projects, you should practice your basic skills firmly.

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