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Three projects to make money by using information difference


First: account rental business

If you want to chase a movie or TV series, such as Game of Thrones, such as Love Apartment 5, you need to open a VIP before you can watch it.

Or do you need to download a PPt on Baidu library because of your work, or do you need to download a lot of data on Baidu network disk because there is no VIP, which leads to super slow network speed.

What games do you want to play, but you don’t have a good experience, so you need to recharge.

There are also all kinds of material networks that are the same, all kinds of tool networks are the same, all kinds, etc …

All of these need an account. If a website gets an account, it needs more than 1,000 quick money, which is not enough.

But someone can rent their own account, which is not a good project.

I did a little cleaning, but some people did it, but few people did it.

So you can buy a bunch of vip accounts and rent them out!

Then charge a few dollars a day, is it a good deal? There must be super many people willing to rent.

The most important thing is that it can also be drained. With the flow, you can make a lot of money.

How to do it specifically? First, open a Taobao shop, for example, the monthly account member of a website is 30 yuan, and then the rental price can be set to 5 yuan for one day. Add up to rent for 6 days, and you can return your money. If you rent for more than 6 days, you will earn money. For most people, renting for 1-2 days is enough, and renting a few people can pay back. I’m afraid I can’t rent a few people a month.

You don’t need to buy so many accounts at first, just add accounts as customers increase.

If you want to rent it, you must add your WeChat, so at the same time you have successfully drained it. What’s the use of traffic? Don’t ask such low-level questions! It’s the kind of Wechat business that sells “three no products”, which can be sold with more traffic.

Second: Tik Tok Mobile Wallpaper Project

You don’t know what Tik Tok’s mobile wallpaper is. You can search the wallpaper on Tik Tok.

Then pay attention to one and click on his works.

The video form is quite easy. It becomes a video by switching the special effects of some popular animation, film and television, and the pictures of stars, and then adding a short story and a popular background music.

If there is any technical content in this video, you should start doing it when you feel it. If you learn how to operate, you can make a video in 10 minutes. It is not difficult to make several videos a day. This kind of video is easy to get praise and attention as long as the wallpaper looks good.

For example, the man in the picture above has 770,000 powders and more than 1,000 praises. Maybe he has more than 900 works, but this kind of work can be done in 10 minutes.

With traffic, you can open the Tik Tok window and bring goods to make money.

For example, this snail powder sells for 35.8 yuan in Tik Tok, but you can’t get a few pieces when you search Taobao. Even if you add the freight to 8 yuan, you can earn more than 20 yuan if you have one order.

Third: the writing machine project

First, spend hundreds of dollars to buy a second-hand, handwritten typewriter for idle fish.

Later, you can receive the list written by primary and secondary school students.

Generally, poor students are often punished for copying books, so writing with these writing machines can solve these problems. Anyway, it can input students’ handwriting and intelligently simulate handwriting. Take this kind of list and charge by the number of words. 5 yuan for 1,000 words and 50 yuan for 10,000 words.

In addition to homework, you can also have other lists to take over. For example, writing love letters, etc …

You can also help people write all kinds of greeting cards:

You can also make money by writing thank-you letters for takeout merchants.

Now that these three projects have been shared, if you are interested, take action quickly if you want to do it. There is not much threshold.

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