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Tik Tok loses weight and sells skipping ropes, with commissions ranging from 30% to 50%


Searching for “Skipping Rope to Lose Weight” in Tik Tok, I found screenshots of two authors, one with 440,000 fans and one with 390,000 fans. The sales of window displays in Tik Tok were 29,000 and 61,000 respectively.
The commission of skipping rope is about 30%~50%. According to the price of 30 yuan, if someone buys one through the link at the bottom of their video, they can earn 10~15 yuan, and the price is 40 yuan, and if they buy one, they can earn 20 yuan.

Does this verify the comment of God? Since Tik Tok came into being, people are playing, we are watching, people earn money, we consume electricity, after reading it, people count money, we charge, people get rich, we have not changed!

How to operate?

  1. research peers, search for the keyword “skipping rope to lose weight” on Tik Tok, find authors with a large number of fans, pay attention to them, learn their videos, copywriting and operation procedures, add their home page contact information, and look at their circle of friends.
  2. Find the most suitable way to create your own video, and stick to punching the video every day and cutting out the trembling sound of the video.
  3. Open the window of Tik Tok, find some products with high cost performance around weight loss, bring goods with video or live broadcast, leave your own contact information on the homepage, and send it to WeChat to recruit agents and do training.

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