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What about Netease Cloud Music Hang-up Project?


Two days ago, a friend asked me what the Netease cloud music hang-up project was like. The outside training started in 2980. I want to evaluate and explain whether this Netease cloud hang-up is unreliable. It happened that some people in the circle of friends were sending this advertisement in the past two days. I chatted with my friends who had operated it and found that the water in this project was very deep
Let’s take a look at the propaganda content of the so-called Netease cloud hang-up project, and then I will give you a detailed account of the difficulties and pits inside

I. Background

Netease Cloud Music Platform is a platform specially created for musicians. As long as the original music is uploaded to the platform, it can be divided into revenue according to the on-demand rate and advertisement. Since 2020, Netease Cloud has launched the ladder plan to further increase the flow and revenue incentives, and on this basis, it has added 100 billion broadcast volumes and increased the original awards to 20 billion per year!

II. Benefits

Through exclusive software, increase the broadcast volume and get the official support of Netease Cloud, so as to get the broadcast revenue and advertising share!

III. Characteristics of the project

  1. hang up automatically. Automatic hang-up without manual intervention.
  2. Stable income. Each year, 20 billion yuan will be awarded to musicians.
  3. Simple operation. No experience, no computer technology, no music knowledge, fool operation!
  4. Infinite magnification. Individuals, studios, students and precious mothers can participate.
  5. What if I can’t create original music

You don’t need music knowledge, you don’t need to create your own, the company will help you create!

V. Profit analysis

Each computer can be hung with three numbers, and each number is hung for one hour every day. In the new month, each number is about 100 every day. After 15 days, the weight is increased, and the single number is about 300 every day. The higher the account weight, the higher the income! Every month about 4000-10000, a computer with three numbers about 12000-30000.
The following is an analysis I have done with my friends

Netease Cloud’s ladder plan is real, and Netease is vigorously promoting this plan in order to promote their cloud music products, but all this is based on the fire of your original music. Personally, I think this Netease cloud hangs up with two difficulties.

The first difficulty: original music

Although the advertisements released by the trainees say that they don’t need music knowledge and create their own songs, the company helps you to create them. In fact, you need to pay for each song. According to my understanding, the price of a simple so-called original song is around 70-200, which is better and higher. This is still some internal prices. Secondly, it is far from enough for you to buy 1 or 2 songs. If you want to do it, you need at least dozens of songs.
In addition, you can think about it carefully. This 70-200 original song is basically some shoddy songs. It can only barely pass the review of original music. It is almost impossible to improve the broadcast volume by the quality of the song itself.

The second difficulty: the amount of play

As I said just now, it’s almost impossible to play a lot of songs by themselves. Therefore, this project itself does not benefit from the playing volume of songs, but depends on software to improve it. These are the so-called automatic hang-ups. However, there is a problem that the trainers did not tell everyone, that is, these behaviors of using software to improve the playing will have the risk of titles. I have learned that this mode will definitely have the risk of F, and you have worked hard to improve the playing volume.

Is it really reliable to evaluate Netease Cloud Music Hang-up Project?
in conclusion

The investment of this Netease cloud hang-up project is actually quite large, and there is a serious F risk, which means that the operator may not only get nothing, but also have the risk of losing money

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