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How to start a business on the internet to make money for projects.


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Playing games to make money while playing makes money. This project makes money.
2021-03-24 14:12 211
Today, I will continue to share with you how to start a business on the Internet to make money and do projects!

The content shared today is a boon for friends who love fun games

Game taobao guest, I don’t know if you have heard of it. Everyone has been developing treasure moms to be Taoke, but the competition is fierce.

And some people specialize in playing taobao guest, mixing games, avoiding competition and opening up a new way.

Then recommend some game products, equipment and so on in the group.

Such as chicken handle, the glory of the king peripheral products and so on.
How should we operate this project?

See if the golden triangle framework of making money can also be used in this project.

1, solve the product source

Taobao guest, who definitely needs Ali’s mother, is now called Taobao Alliance.

And the JD.COM League

Of course, there are a lot of high commission unions, so you can look for them yourself. All the game peripheral products we are looking for can be found on these platforms!

  1. Get the traffic channel

Our target customers are gamers. If we want to be more precise, we can directly designate a certain game.

For example, in the glory of the king, this game can be said to be very popular, and there are many super players.

We can conduct drainage through the following channels:

Live channel

Now that live broadcast and video are so popular, you can find the anchor or video author who specializes in video games. It is best to find that there are not many fans; However, there must be a certain number of collaborators. If there are too many, the cooperation fee will be too high, and the profit will be relatively small. If there are too few fans, the cooperation will not make much sense.

Social channels

Now many WeChat groups, QQ groups, interest tribes, post bars, etc., add more such groups,

Then add group members, and then build your own group. When there is a certain number of people, you can give out red envelopes, set prizes, and let group friends pull people, thus forming fission. Of course, you can pull people in the game. Such people are more precise.
Also, you can go to Weibo and wait for the game to be commented from the media below.

There are many drainage channels. I have summarized 108 drainage techniques, and it is easy to find drainage channels and methods suitable for you!

  1. Design the transaction process

As a game group, QQ group can store a large number of people, so all traffic is imported into QQ group.

Then screen some products around the game every day, share them and guide the purchase.

  1. Project extension

The extension direction is to recruit agents. Many people who play games also want to make money.

Then you can engage in agency system, let these people pull people, and then directly act as agents.

It is the current agent system that operates like Amoy, because the people we operate are different, so there will be no

Direct competition. In fact, when there are thousands of game fans, there are still many things that can be done. There will also be many means of realizing cash.

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