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The Internet can get more traffic, and making money is a passing thing


Yesterday, a student added brother Fengzi’s WeChat and asked you if you could make money here. I said yes, you came through WeChat official account. Now I mainly work as an app for making money by mobile phone, and then I was blacked out. In fact, when I met many people like this, I couldn’t do anything to make a lot of money, and I didn’t want to do anything to make a little money, so I can’t make money online. The logic of making money online is actually very simple. If you can output high enough value, you can win by customer unit price, but if you can’t, you can only win by quantity.

What does this mean? That is, many of us are complaining that the project can’t make money. In fact, it’s not that we can’t make money, but that our own quantity hasn’t risen yet. Most Internet projects are crushed by quantity. You only have dozens of traffic a day, so it’s quite difficult for you to make money. However, if it’s thousands of traffic, it’s relatively easy. Try to find more ways to get more traffic. Making money is another topic.

Any project on the Internet, as long as you can see that there are people who have been doing it for a long time, can definitely make money. However, you may not know the way others do it. Just like you see others doing taobao guest, you can’t make money by sending friends every day. Manage the community every day and keep sending information about goods. A group can’t earn a few dollars or tens of dollars, but others may have thousands of groups. This is something you don’t know. A group only has a dozen dollars.

The reason for making a mobile phone earning app is the same. For many mobile phone earning apps, in fact, it is not that a mobile phone app can earn a lot of money. It may be normal for many apps to spend a few dollars or tens of dollars a day, but you have dozens of apps. Is the result different?

One of the words we often see is to repeat simple things. What do you mean? I don’t mean to ask you to do mobile phone tasks. Although mobile phone tasks can make money, it is hard money, not a long-term solution. What you understand is the logic inside, how an app makes money, and how to make it run by itself to help us make money, even if an app only costs a few dollars, if dozens or hundreds of apps are fixed.

Being a website is a way, doing WeChat promotion is also a way, and putting headline advertisements is also a way. It depends on how we handle traffic, and doing traffic is a process that needs simple repetition, such as updating an article every day, for example, trying to add dozens of WeChat friends to ourselves every day, which is a process that needs simple repetition and is the most boring and boring process, which many people can’t stand.

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