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What you use to make money depends on your understanding and dependence on this tool


There are too many ways to make money on WeChat. Xiaobian remembers collecting a lot of ways to make money on WeChat before. So today Xiaobian collects more ways to earn money from WeChat, and there are 100 ways to earn money from WeChat. However, let’s give a few examples in this article. After all, one hundred is a bit too much, so take your time.
In the more than one year after WeChat marketing, the number of WeChat users has reached a huge 100 million, and the development space is terrible. There is no doubt that WeChat chat has become the hottest Internet chat tool at present, and according to the development track of Tencent QQ, we have reason to believe that the number of WeChat users is not limited to 100 million, but the development space is still very broad.

After publishing “100 Ways to Make Money by WeChat”, many people added QQ to me and asked me how to make money. Can you make money? It seems that you will earn money after learning from me!

WeChat makes money

First of all, I think everyone should understand that whether they can earn money depends on themselves. After reading some dry goods articles, they will succeed if they learn other people’s models. I am not wet, but I must tell you that successful cases can be imitated, but never copied.

But why should we learn other people’s dry goods? It is because we need someone who can guide and inspire our own thinking, so that we can have more ability to judge and distinguish whether the method is feasible in the process of starting a business.

Back to wechat and earning money, wechat is just a tool to assist the transaction in earning money.

Back to n years ago, relying on the sister who sold herself, only mommy introduced her customers; Today, with the development of instant messaging, when many people use QQ to work, some people use QQ as a money-making tool for electronic love; When I met Mo Mo, I found that it was easy to find a one-night stand object through nearby people; Later, MM people found that there were many people who were still WX, and a large number of them moved to WX, and some people said Momo kept a low profile.

Since the popularity of mobile phones, psoriasis with CN characteristics has been achieved in the streets; Since the appearance of the QR code, there has been a “permit sweep” in the toilet; Since the birth of WeChat official account, if you want to hear the voice of Chen Kun, please pay attention to * *.

The channel of earning money is not limited to WeChat, QQ can earn money, easy to believe, make money, come and go, and now there is a boom. What you use to make money depends on your understanding and dependence on this tool. Each tool is a specific group, and the fewer users there are, there will always be your customers. Whether you do it or not depends on your personal wishes. However, in the same market, WeChat has gained a large number of users.

We should learn to know how others earn money, and combine the “dry goods” with our actual situation, and finally become our own abilities.

There is an old Chinese saying that “the height of the road is one foot, but the height of the magic is one foot”. Often, those who do wrong will always hollow out the wisdom of their heads and overcome others. Liars who cheat by phone know how to organize their own words to control others; Anyone who steals a mobile phone on the bus knows to use his partner to divert the attention of the deceived person, and immediately transfer and get off the bus after he succeeds; “Fishing” is not only available on the Internet, but also survives in fresh cowhide; When blocked, it bought at a high price

What methods do you want to use successfully? Which methods were emulated?

McDonald’s also makes hamburgers, KFC also makes hamburgers, but the management methods of the two companies are absolutely different, and they are constantly innovating; McDonald’s opened 24-hour business, and KFC took the lead in launching “rice” which is suitable for Chinese people.

WeChat makes more money by studying which projects can be grafted or completed through WeChat!

The method of earning money on WeChat I wrote doesn’t necessarily mean making money. Some people may earn money, while others can’t, depending on everyone’s operation method and process.

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