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How do human resources companies make money?


From the first job, we have been in contact with the human resources industry, from which human resources companies are derived, connecting job seekers with companies and providing professional talents for the companies.

It seems to be such a tall industry, so how do human resources companies make money?

Today, let’s explore it with the small series of 56 Business Opportunity Network. After understanding it clearly, it may become a favorite entrepreneurial project!

Human resources company is a company that specializes in providing third-party human resources services. For example, some human resources problems or businesses in enterprises can be solved by cooperation with human resources service companies, which is different from intermediaries.

The main businesses are file management, labor dispatch, paying wages, paying social security, agency recruitment, headhunting recruitment, vocational training and talent evaluation, which are the biggest characteristics of human resources work and the most important part of the work content.

Therefore, the profit-making modes of human resources companies can be divided into the following three types:

  1. general intermediary income

Generally speaking, it is the traditional talent market, which introduces employment and charges a certain fee to form a headhunting company. If the enterprise has recruitment demand, it will pay the headhunting company service fee, and the headhunting company will find talents according to the employment demand.

  1. Personnel outsourcing

The profit of human resource outsourcing can be said to be scale, contract and formalization. Human resource outsourcing is divided into three modules: outsourcing of human resources and people, outsourcing of personnel affairs and outsourcing of human resource management functions.

In order to effectively distinguish the outsourcing of human resources with big concepts from the outsourcing of human resources (and people) with small concepts, the industry calls the outsourcing of human resources (and people) with the technical term “human resources dispatch”.

Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) can also be a kind of human resources service product, in which an enterprise outsources one or several human resources management workflow or management functions according to the needs, and is managed by a third-party professional human resources outsourcing service organization or company, so as to reduce operating costs and maximize enterprise benefits.

Outsourcing includes: human resource outsourcing, human resource management outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, salary management outsourcing, salary outsourcing, welfare outsourcing, salary outsourcing, social security outsourcing, social security payment, individual tax payment, personnel outsourcing, talent outsourcing, etc.

  1. Labor dispatch

Labor dispatch, also known as manpower dispatch, talent lease, labor dispatch, labor lease and employee lease, refers to a form of employment in which labor dispatch agencies conclude labor contracts with dispatched workers, pay remuneration, and send workers to other employers, who then pay a service fee to dispatch agencies.

The fact of labor payment occurs between dispatched workers and enterprises (actual employers). Enterprises should be sent to pay service fees to labor dispatch agencies, which pay labor remuneration to workers.

Labor dispatch service is a new employment method used in China’s talent market in recent years, which can be carried out across regions and industries. Labor dispatch is also in the form of contract, in order to complete the contract and achieve the goal of making money.

Even a layman knows that the human resources industry is rich in oil and water. Are you interested in this entrepreneurial project?

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