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How to make money in Tik Tok, what are the methods?


Speaking of Tik Tok, most people are familiar with it, and they brush it for a while almost every day. However, when you are entertaining, others are making a lot of money. With the increasing popularity in Tik Tok, more and more people are making money. Many ordinary people can also come in and get a piece of the action. Yesterday, a friend asked me how to make money in Tik Tok, and asked what methods I have. Today, I will give you a brief talk. In fact, my understanding is not very complete and thorough.

First, live broadcast

Live broadcast is also one of the most obvious and quickest ways. If you have some talent, you can always find someone PK. I see a person who imitates Zhao Si, who can earn hundreds of thousands of exceptional income for several dozens of PK games one night, which is really enviable.

Second, a huge number of star map tasks

You can earn revenue through traffic by accepting some star map tasks.

Third, the national task

It is also accepting tasks to earn income through traffic

Fourth, the video brings goods

Earn revenue by adding merchandise windows to videos in various fields for sale. If the video takes the goods, it may have been ruined, too many routines and negative information have been exposed, and the credibility of the live delivery has plummeted.

V. Receiving advertisements

Earn advertising fees by embedding soft and hard advertisements in videos.

At present, these five ways are the basic ways to make money in Tik Tok, and any one can make you earn tens of thousands every month. Of course, the prerequisite is that you must have fans, or your videos must be broadcast, otherwise everything will be in vain, and it will be a waste of time.

Let’s talk about the first one, live broadcast, live broadcast. If you don’t have fans, it won’t work. If you don’t see it, don’t mention rewarding and bringing goods. The second star map, I registered this, but the binding Tik Tok needs a thousand powders. The threshold is very high. We can’t do this kind of white. The third kind of national task can be done when you are idle, but it’s okay to play. If you earn a considerable income by this, it won’t work for novices, personally. The most important thing is that fans and high broadcast volume are needed to make a profit. I have tried to shoot five or six videos, and I have earned very little money. The income of a few dollars has not even reached the cash withdrawal threshold. The most important thing is that the national task review is too slow. Generally, it takes about ten days, and the popularity of many videos has long passed. The fourth kind of video brings goods, and the threshold is also very high. If the skills are not strong, the video content is not rich, and there are no stable fans, it is useless to bring goods. I have not browsed for more than a month, so I have not sold them. The last kind of video advertisement has a higher threshold. If it is not famous in online celebrity, where will someone ask you to advertise?

Therefore, it is unrealistic for novices to make money by Tik Tok. It is better to learn how to make videos, how to increase the broadcast volume and how to increase fans before thinking about making money.

Finally, I would like to remind you that there are many people trained in Tik Tok on the Internet. These people advertise and advertise on the Internet, claiming that Tik Tok is making a lot of money now. Others earn tens of thousands of yuan and hundreds of thousands of yuan a month. After being a Tik Tok, you have changed from a diaosi to a rich man. Why don’t you come to train and study? Many of these propagandists are false. When you don’t pay tuition fees, you are a piece of meat, which smells fragrant. He chases you like a dog. When you pay tuition fees, you will be a piece of shit, which makes you sick when you smell and look at it. If you want to study, you must be careful not to be cut with leeks.

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