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Introduce several platforms for dubbing and recording to make money


Now there are many audio books platforms, including children’s and adults’s, as well as those that need dubbing from the media, and those that need dubbing in film and television works. If you can master some doorways, it is relatively easy to make money.

Tian introduced several platforms for dubbing and recording to make money

First, I like dubbing

This platform is owned by Himalayan, which everyone should know. At present, the platform has been renamed as Himalayan audio production platform.

The main way to make money on this platform is to convert novels, books, columns and works of parents and children into audio works. In addition, the platform also has a star anchor packaging plan. If you are the recording anchor, then the content will be positioned by yourself.

The entry process is also simple, that is, it takes 15 working days to register and upload the materials and then upload the works. If the approval is passed, you can start to make money.

Second, lazy storytellers

The application conditions and threshold for lazy storytelling may be relatively high, requiring friends who have experience in broadcasting, original works and can create continuously.

The certification condition for lazy people to listen to books is to make five original works by themselves, and then review them on the platform. After passing the review, they can apply for certification and add V, and after adding V, they must have continuous work updates.

Third, read aloud

Reading audio platform fluently is a bit like dubbing, mainly turning novel works into audio books.

On the platform of reading audio fluently, to obtain part-time qualification, it is mainly through audition. For example, if you want to dub a novel, you can log in to your account, click “Participate in audition” in the upper right corner, the page will be pulled to the bottom, click “Select Audio”, and only one audio can be selected at a time. The small box of “Upload Success” reminds you that the audio was uploaded successfully, and enter QQ number or other contact information (very

If you pass the audition, congratulations, the opportunity to earn ten thousand yuan a month has already arrived.

Different platforms pay differently.

Like the dubbing platform, your works can be rewarded by fans in addition to the basic salary. On the platform of lazy storytelling, the fixed remuneration is mainly paid by signing contracts, and on the platform of reading audio fluently, it is conducted by applying for audition.

If you like to create at will, you can do dubbing, and if you like to challenge some recording work that others can’t do well, you can do a sound platform to read freely.

The pay is good, the lowest platform has an hourly salary of 80-120 yuan, and the hourly salary of reading the audio platform is as high as 400 yuan per hour

Do a calculation. If you record for one hour every day and meet the requirements, what is the monthly income? A proper monthly income of 10,000 yuan!

Of course, there are specialties in the art industry, and the part-time job of recording and dubbing is not for everyone. It is generally suitable for people with experience in broadcasting, college students majoring in broadcasting, etc. Of course, if you think your voice is distinctive, you can try it or learn to polish it.

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