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As long as you can manage the traffic, you can definitely make money


For friends who want to make money on the Internet, no matter what the project, as long as you can manage the traffic, you can definitely make money. If you want to make more, you must start from the just need of human nature, such as soul social software.

For example, I am very proficient in male fans. How can I attract these male fans and match the corresponding products to transform them? You can think about this problem carefully, and understand it, this is a profiteering project.

Many people are not unfamiliar with the drainage of male fans. I often talk about bubble net earning in class, such as some female bars, or social software. Nowadays, there are very few drainage channels in various bars. Most male fans often mix up with social platforms such as Momo and Tantan.

This type of social platform seems to be chatting. In fact, the male to female ratio is seriously out of balance. Basically, there are more men and very few women. If you register a female account here, it will have a good effect.

Last year, a relatively popular social software Soul was released on the market. I also registered an account to log in and took a look at it. Although it is a new social software, it is also relatively hot. Most of the people who take the initiative to say hello are It is a man. The attributes of this part of the population are very accurate, and it is very good to be used to transform the color flow.

Fan attributes match, then this is a good channel for attracting traffic. What are the specific steps for attracting traffic?

Packaging and words

This involves the packaging and words of the account. For example, the initial avatar, personal signature, etc. must be for girls. If you are also a male, then there is no man who wants to bird you anymore.

Spend a little money and open the membership. This is very important. You can say hello, or you can see who greeted you. In addition, the dynamic includes that you must remember to update in time, and often match in the planet. This will help you get to know more. Many people.

Basically, if you are done well, just wait for others to greet you. You can also take the initiative to bounce messages to the other party. Just start with a “handsome guy” directly.

Generally speaking, if you are a female account, the love bell will ring very frequently. After chatting about daily life, you are ready to divert to WeChat. Personalized signatures can bring WeChat, but it feels very marketing. It’s better to talk about it. Sentence directly to WeChat.

Of course, WeChat Moments are also packaged. It usually costs 5 to 10 yuan to buy a set of daily life photos of beautiful women online and publish them regularly every day.

Diversion from soul to WeChat does not require any verbal skills. Basically, 9 out of 10 men will be very happy. There is a saying called “Global marketing, WeChat transaction”. You can only divert to WeChat. There is the next step of transformation.

Conversion deal

There are many ways to convert transactions here, you can play some red envelope games like before, or sell some products to them, this depends on your own positioning.

Everyone should not be unfamiliar with playing red envelopes. Wake up in the morning and send a red envelope for one dollar to ask him to get up. The red envelope sent by ordinary women, coupled with a whining sound, many men will directly reply to a big one, sending out twenty. Personally, even if there is a reply to you, it has already been earned back.

Basically, the response rate will be more than 60%, and the unit price per person is about 6 to 8 yuan. In this way, you can earn one or two hundred dollars for this operation every morning, and there is no problem with food and clothing.

If you want a more profitable conversion, it is to sell products, and they are just-needed products for these male toners.

What is just-needed products is nothing more than health care products. Everyone should know the profit of such health care products. A series of peripheral products such as health care products can be sold.

One thing to note here is that because the profit of health care products is relatively high, many people will make some counterfeit products to sell. If we buy such products and sell them to consumers, it’s fine if no one reports it. If someone reports it, that’s it. It is illegal, so the source of goods must be correct and the purchase channel must be stable.

Just go to 1688 to buy, after all, the things they can sell online are generally tested and qualified, and it is relatively cheap to buy here.
The other is to cooperate with the photo station to sell members. Everyone is familiar with it. Before, I had a station that sold photo members. A member was tens of dollars, and during the peak period, there were one or two thousand income a day. This requires us to send WeChat. Male fans drained to the website.

You can post some website information in Moments to guide them to pay attention to your website content.

Of course, there are even more profitable realizations, but for various reasons, I can’t talk too much about PUA teaching and training. PUA has been very popular in recent years, not only because of some reports in the news, but also because of the various reports in the short video. This kind of touted PUA has caused many people to be very interested in this technology.

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