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How to make money by dismantling old photos and repairing


The method of repairing old photos is very common. I have also shared an article on “Making money for repairing old photos, starting at 300 yuan per order, detailed explanation of the operation process “dry goods”” to disassemble the money-making play for repairing old photos, and repairing old photos. If you don’t understand this project, you can review it.

In the past few days, the restoration of dynamic old photos has made the hot list in Douyin, and the traffic has exploded. What is a traffic bonus? This is a traffic bonus. As long as you do a project that can have traffic, no matter if you are three or four, there will be traffic when you do it.

Originally, old photo restoration was a fiercely competitive project. It was to make some short videos for old photo restoration to sell feelings. The cost of repairing a single photo was tens of dollars to make money, and the gameplay was not complicated.

Dynamic old photo restoration is actually made using a foreign software. I see that many people who sell old photo restoration tutorials are selling Guanzi. This software is called MyHeritage. It comes out by searching the official website of Baidu casually. It is faster to access it with a ladder. The software is charged, but new users have 14 days of free experience, and there are many similar tools, but MyHeritage is the most used.

The current advantages and disadvantages of this software:

Advantages: AI technology is mature, dynamic and natural.

Disadvantages: You need to use the Internet scientifically. It costs 600 yuan to remove the watermark. It is impossible to achieve the dynamic effect of multiple people in a photo. You can only make dynamic generation one by one and then use the cut image to do the processing together.

The website is dedicated to repairing old photos (not dynamic old photos), and the cost is about 0.6 yuan per piece. The platform also provides an API development interface that can be used directly.

This hot spot is the same as the micro-envelope red envelopes of years ago. The gameplay is also very simple. It is to make as many baits (dynamic old photos and videos) as possible and distribute to various platforms (Tik Tok, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu, Weibo, Video Account) , Watermelon, volcano, etc.) to reach as many users as possible, and then direct private messages to WeChat transaction.

The specific disassembly of the gameplay process is:

 Just look for pictures of old people and children online.
 Use MyHeritage to make dynamic photos and videos.
 Baidu finds a tool to remove the watermark.
 Distribute all platforms on the whole network, with a sentence of Wang Yiyun copywriting. This is how my grandfather/grandma looked when they were young. In the comment section, guide the private message, and if someone sends a private message, add it to WeChat.
 WeChat automatically responds "Dynamic old photos repaired at 30 yuan/piece, the repair effect can be seen in the circle of friends, and those who are interested directly send a red envelope of 30 yuan + photos to be repaired on WeChat"

To make it simpler, just use Xianyu and Taobao to sell dynamic old photo repair services. At present, a small number of players have directly opened through trains on Taobao to do this project. There is still a certain opportunity in the market.

However, there is a problem with the restoration of old photos. It is best to use high-definition photos. If the photos are too old, the effect of the restoration will be relatively poor.

If someone wants to learn, we can also directly charge a tuition fee of 499 yuan. After all, it is much easier to sell shovel directly than to make money by mining. It can also be used as an agency model, charging 199 yuan, and the agent takes the price of 10 yuan /Zhang, teach them to drain traffic according to their own methods. To be simple and rude, let them go to some popular Tik Tok dynamic old photo repair comment area to block private messages one by one. After an hour, some people will always add a few transactions.

There are a few traffic hotspots such as dynamic old photo repair every year, but they are essentially a kind of information asymmetry, because you see that the software itself is a public bubbling Internet earning, but few people know it. Therefore, this kind of charging behavior will be extended.

Even if you don’t make money, you can earn a lot of traffic. For example, you can use the mission treasure to do fission directly, and you can get a chance to repair old photos for free if you fill up XX friends.

Although it is a fan, it also has a miraculous energy, and it can be realized by doing anything.

Hotspots like this greatly exercise our sensitivity and action to industry changes.

Whether it’s WeChat red envelope cover, Zhihu video’s income, or dynamic old photo restoration, their bonus window is extremely short, but if you participate in everything, you will find that the essence of the project has never been Changed.

What that sentence says, “The person who takes half a second to see through the essence of things, and the person who spends a lifetime unable to see the essence of things, are destined to be completely different destinies.”-“The Godfather”

At present, the project of repairing old photos can be done. Generally, you can make some money by doing it. There are also many teams that make a profit of tens of thousands of dollars a day. This is also a long-term project.

Daily income of 1,000 yuan = 30 yuan x 33 individuals

33 people traded = 165 people drained x 20% conversion rate

Draining 165 people = 16,500 exposures x 1% intention

In fact, once we encounter such a hot project, we should understand that the opportunity is here.

If you can encounter one or two projects that will allow you to use execution to exchange technology to make the first pot of gold, take it well. Most people lack or avoid such opportunities because they don’t understand perfection.

Use execution for technology to earn the first pot of gold;

Use technology for resources to earn a second pot of gold;

Use resources for money and earn the third pot of gold.

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