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Is it difficult to make money on the Internet? Just didn’t find the right entry point


Any profiteering project on the Internet, as long as you are good at subdividing areas, there is nothing that does not make money. Many people find it difficult to do projects, but they have not found the right entry point.

Many people say that it is difficult to find a project, and they don’t know how to find it. I have always emphasized one point of view to everyone in the article, a traffic source + any product + a monetization channel = a good project.

For example, someone specifically finds some similar novels such as “The Legend of Double Dragon of the Tang Dynasty”, “The Hero of Jinmen Huo Yuanjia” and so on, and then recorded them into audio files and uploaded them to the Himalayas platform. Finally, they set up a book club to sell them. Selling reading cards, plus the sub-commissions of the audio platform, can earn more than 100,000 to 200,000 yuan a year.

There are also people who specialize in travel notes, focusing on short videos related to travel. Later, they set up a travel-related community. They usually organize travel and provide consulting services for a fee, and they can earn hundreds of thousands a year.

As long as your traffic matches your product, you will be able to make money. Many people are impatient and feel that they want to give up if they don’t make money for a few days.

There was a type of account on the Kuaishou short video. The location of the video must be on the boat. The big pot of stewed seafood stimulates the taste buds of every visitor. It looks very delicious, so the packaged seafood at their home sells very quickly. .

Last year, lamb belly wrapped meat became popular again. The pure free range lamb belly wrapped meat and sheep blood sausage in the prairie nomadic family stimulated the taste buds of visitors, so his products were sold.

It’s just that big sales are not enough. Some time ago, a lot of evaluations suddenly appeared, professional evaluation of his products, after the evaluation, five-star praise, this is very easy to make people think about it.

A product cannot be sold without marketing. What is a product? A product can be physical or virtual. For example, some postgraduate entrance examination materials, online disk files, etc. are virtual resources, and some services are actually products themselves.
Services like running errands, emotional recovery, and planning confession are also products in themselves. Only when the product generates value will someone pay the bill. This combination of boxing is also a good project.

For example, a lucrative project such as emotional counseling has the core of traffic. If no one comes to you to restore your emotions every day, how can you make money with services?

Get traffic

If you want to make a project, you must figure out in advance whether your traffic source can match your product, then how we get traffic is very important. Common ways such as various emotions

In the past, various posts, interest tribes, and even Douban and forums, there were many people who lost this emotion, but now some of these people have been mixed in short videos. If you can combine short videos to do this project, the effect will be even better. Great.

Short video releases value

Everyone knows that if you want to attract traffic, first you have to continuously output high-quality content yourself. This requires a beauty suitable for the short video field to be responsible for the self-media field of various platforms every day, such as Douyin and Kuaishou. , Video number, etc.

Bulk account

The purpose of batch operation of accounts is to filter out stations with higher initial weights, and then to output content, upload some recorded high-quality videos to accounts on various platforms.

As long as there is no problem with the previous account and the continuous output of high-quality content, the number of fans will naturally rise, and the number of fans will basically be tens of thousands of fans after one to two months of continuous drainage.

After the number of fans is up, it is very simple to monetize the emotional consultation.

And when we make this kind of short video emotion account, the output content is roughly divided into two types. The first is to find various materials, edit, and then dub it later, etc., to render this emotion.

Most of the colleagues who do handling and editing will edit a comment on TV emotional consultation or a clip from a film and television drama.

The second is that I appear on the camera, edit a paragraph of text by myself, and read it out. This kind of short video on the camera generally has a relatively high viscosity. This method of creating a personal IP is also the most liked by fans.

The previous series are done well, and the rest is to pave the way for emotional consultation. This kind of paid consultation is generally impulsive. Most of them want to seek comfort. We only need to listen and give reasonable advice at the right time. That’s it.

Emotional consultation itself is a virtual project, and the focus is on service. Only by doing well in the back-end operation and maintenance can we continue to make more profits.

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