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How can one mobile phone operate two micro signals at the same time?


Many netizens’ problems are still the same:

How to make money?

How to find a project?

How to do transaction conversion?

It is said that the Internet has narrowed the information gap,

But why are there so many people who are confused and don’t know how to solve the problem?

The process of information dissemination is attenuated:

Millions of praises of vibrato are popular, and the broadcast volume may exceed 100 million, but there are still many people who don’t know these stalks.



He is not interested in this kind of information.

He doesn’t need answers to such questions for the time being.

He happened to be busy in those days and had no time to watch the vibrato.

Who can solve the problem, who can make use of the information and make money.


Yesterday, a netizen in the group asked a relatively small white question:

“How can a mobile phone operate two micro signals at the same time?”

Many friends in the group immediately gave their answers and helped them solve their problems.

Moreover, we also discussed a lot of schemes on the issue of opening more devices.

Although the problem is very basic for many people who do internet.

But here, bubble nets make money. Let me ask,

How many friends who read this article can give solutions immediately?

People who don’t have much contact with the Internet or only use one WeChat do not care.

The scenario of the problem is: I need.

And the logical realization scenario is: I happen to have it.

Like the above questions, we talked about the problem of Android dual-open, but Apple is very difficult.

A group of friends said, “Idle fish have software that can be opened more directly without jailbreaking. “

After searching, there is.

That this information is poor, is it erased for me?

If he doesn’t say, if I don’t say, we won’t eliminate the cognition of this area.

And those who know the answer to the question make money by solving such problems.


When it comes to idle fish, let’s talk about projects without supply.

Nowadays, many people know that the way to make money by idle fish is to move bricks.

Go to some wholesale platforms to find low-priced sources, such as Pinduoduo, 1688, Yiwu Wholesale, Guangdong 13th Bank, Shenzhen Huaqiang North, etc., and carry them to idle fish at a higher price.

But in the process of operation, we will certainly encounter various problems.

Moreover, every problem is a fatal one.

For example:

How to get more traffic recommendations for accounts.

How to control the goods can be ranked on the homepage of keyword search.

How to drain the intended customers to the private domain traffic pool without violating the rules.

When we operated idle fish in the early days, we encountered a big problem:

“After the goods are sold, the single number of Pinduoduo cannot be entered into the idle fish system.”

When things go wrong, Baidu finds many people who are as confused as we are.

Or the concept:

The scenario of the problem is: I need.

And the logical realization scenario is: I happen to have it.

Therefore, we will see in various places that some people are realizing by this information.

Have a plenty of drainage WeChat selling solutions, 99 yuan/copy.
There are some training programs for selling via WeChat, 998/ period.
Have a plenty of drainage wechat sell other business, brush want, do ranking.

For veterans, the solution to the problem is simple:

  1. click on other express delivery, and note the name of the express delivery number, then you can fill it in.
  2. Directly choose not to send mail, and then send the express delivery number to the customer.
  3. If you have a large quantity, you can talk with the merchants, instead of using the Pinduoduo system.
  4. Find it for yourself and upload an empty package number with the same destination.

Poor information is money, and money is poor information.

If you don’t experience this kind of question, you won’t search, and if you don’t search, you won’t have an answer.

Since you want to take a shortcut, you always have to pay a price.

It’s either time or money.


Back to the mobile phone, there are many similar situations.

For example:

What if I forget my password when I unlock my phone?
What is the sudden black screen of the mobile phone?
How to erase ID and fingerprint of mobile phone?
What if the mobile phone suddenly crashes and all the data is lost?

Take chat record recovery as an example, the market is huge.

The daily search index of WeChat is over 500,000, and even reaches 1 million+at the peak.

I believe many people already know the answer to what big traffic can bring and what it can do.

Nowadays, the importance of mobile phones to people is undoubtedly beyond the wallet in the past, and it is basically inseparable from food, clothing, housing and transportation 24 hours a day.

Under this theme, there are endless projects to be extended.

Our life is constantly encountering and solving various problems.

  1. If you don’t know what you should do, you might as well write down:

What do you search on the e-commerce platform every day?
What do you check on the search platform every day?
What I have seen on the entertainment platform every day.

  1. These problems are your problems as well as others’.

Think in reverse again, how to solve the problems you encountered.

Why are you willing to believe the answer to the question you searched for?
You found the solution, and by what means did he help you?
Why did he appear in front of your eyes when you watched the entertainment program?

  1. Give your problem-solving methods or resources to those in need.

This is the quickest way for you to make money. There is no one.

Birds of a feather flock together.

What you care about is what you see.

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