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Share a short video of birthday wishes to make money


Today, I share with you a birthday greeting project, which is subdivided vertically. The content of birthday greeting subdivision is Paidaxing video greeting

Specifically, you can search for the keyword “Paidaxing Birthday Blessing” on the vibrato. You can see various videos of Paidaxing, then the sound is recorded by yourself, matched with the good Paidaxing material, and then drained to WeChat. Traffic transactions in the private domain, because the content is vertical, the user is accurate, and the conversion rate is not bad. If you go to work every day, you want to find a simple, cost-free, easy-to-use, and can generate accumulation and compound interest, and make a profit by bubbling the net. Pai Daxing’s birthday wishes are still very good. If you fail, you won’t lose too much. Moreover, you can use the time spent playing games and the time wasted by ordinary idlers for targeted and fruitful execution. This project is worth recommending and suitable for Xiaobai.

Implementation ideas: making video+multi-platform publishing+draining to WeChat+creating a good circle of friends endorsement = automatic transaction

The copy of the video is similar. It is generally for children and couples to celebrate their birthdays. If my daughter and wife celebrate their birthdays, I am very willing to make one, which is simple and meaningful

Copy example: Hey! Hello, XXX children, I am Paidaxing. Happy birthday to you. Don’t ask me why I am Paidaxing, because I am the star sent by your good friend XXX to guard you. You should be healthy and happy in the new year. It is really lucky to know you.

More copywriting can be copied from peers and modified twice!

First, the underlying logic of birthday wishes:

  1. Demand: Girlfriend’s birthday, children’s birthday, and some Children’s Day and Chinese Valentine’s Day. These blessings are necessary, so the demand exists for a long time
  2. Solution: Pai Daxing’s blessing content, the core of which is in sound, needs to contact the dubbing staff. College students majoring in broadcasting are willing to dub. A few dollars for a business can be controlled within 10 yuan or even lower. There needs to be enough support. Each customer’s voice is different, because the name is different, each one needs to be re-recorded, and the copywriter customer may also modify some, which needs to be dubbed.
  3. Revenue composition: The video can be sold for 30-50 yuan a day, the cost is 10 yuan, the profit is 20-40 yuan, and 5 customers are docked one day. It also wins the office workers in the fifth-tier cities. When there is no money, it will be more diligent. A little bit, big money does not earn, and small money still exists

Second, the specific implementation

The whole video production is very simple. For beginners, it takes a little time to learn. Let me briefly talk about the production process of the video, and replace it with pictures and texts. I didn’t prepare to record the tutorial video in advance. Let’s make do with it.

Video production

Materials needed:

Paidaxing animation material
Paidaxing animation sound material
Contact the dubbing voice configuration
With subtitles




















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