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Vibrato plays like this? How to make money by shaking your voice?


Vibrato plays like this?

Any platform has its own algorithm mechanism. If you want to play a platform well, you need to understand the “rules” of the platform.

Search engines have rules for search engines, Taobao has rules for Taobao, and vibrato also has its own rules. How many rules can be read varies from person to person. No one can interpret them 100%, but only who understands them more. Just like seo, I have been playing for 5 years before I dare to say a little knowledge.

There are many rules to interpret the algorithm mechanism of vibrato:

Saying vibrato is the mechanism of horse racing;

The recommendation mechanism of vibrato is horse racing, that is to say, no matter whether you have fans or not, your video will be thrown into the primary traffic pool after passing the audit.

Primary flow pool: about 300-500 flow;

If the primary flow pool performs well, it will be thrown into the secondary flow pool after manual review.

Secondary flow pool: about 5000 flows;

Three-level flow pool: about 15,000-20,000 flows;

Four-level flow pool: about 120,000-150,000 flow;


Basically, every level must be reviewed once. If there is user feedback, the review will be stricter, and even the recommendation will be stopped immediately. Therefore, many users feel that their videos are obviously playing well, but suddenly there is no broadcast volume. The reason is here

Based on this, the increment of each level is judged according to the “user experience”! First of all, we should understand that there is a set of algorithms behind the mechanism of the platform. According to the setting of the program.

So what is the “user experience” of program judgment?

It is nothing more than praise, comment, broadcast rate, forwarding, and attention …

When these parameters are in a certain field and the data value is optimal, then the video will be recommended. Pay attention to the words “in a certain field” here.

We all know that vibrato users are huge and there are many creators. It is not easy for you to stand out among many competitors! This reminds me of Taobao’s keyword ranking optimization. Why are so many people doing Lanhai words? Because the market share of Lanhai Ci is small, but there is little competition. When you stand out from the competitors of Lanhai Ci, you will get the traffic of the platform. After the traffic, you can compete for the words at a higher level! Making money by bubbling nets. I guess the same is true for vibrato.

Therefore, if you are a novice, your account positioning can be more vertical, and your position can be clearly written in the name, introduction and any label. For example, the word “good thing recommendation” is a big word, and there are many people competing, so you can choose to send the word “good thing recommendation” to your girlfriend or “good thing recommendation” to your parents, and then optimize it in terms of praise, comment, broadcast rate, forwarding and attention to various factors. Of course, there are many people who take shortcuts to create illusions through shua. Just like Taobao shua, antiques have never played this kind. The idea of ​ ​ making a bubble net is to do a good job in content, and the content is done well. These data naturally It will go up. ….

What kind of money to make by doing vibrato positioning?


Everyone has something that they are good at, so they can try it first, which means selling goods, advertising and services. Have a heart to explore, pay more attention to some accounts in the vibrato, I believe you can also find business opportunities, after discovery, imitate and surpass!

Since I started to use the Internet, especially when I got older, I feel that my body is always uncomfortable. I feel sick all over my body, and my heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys. I went to have a physical examination some time ago. The doctor told me that my spleen and stomach deficiency and heavy moisture lead to poor metabolism, so it is difficult to lose weight, so let me reduce sugar and fat and exercise more.

The demand was there, and I brushed a video with a vibrato
So I spent more than 50 yuan to buy this book. I just got it today, and it feels good.

I think thieves make money selling books on vibrato, and I am attracted by pain points. I watched many videos of the same paragraph, including videos with obvious weight loss comparison charts, which are also pain points!
I believe everyone has a curiosity. Originally, there was a video about a young mother who met a pet dog with two children on the road, then the pet dog chased the child, and the child shouted in fear. Then the young mother drove the pet dog to protect the child (did not kick the pet dog). Later, the dog owner Mr. X angered the woman and asked why he kicked his son … After the final dispute, Mr. X beat the young mother in front of the child. …..

Videos like this firmly caught the eyes of users. Finally, a paragraph about the legal protection of such events in the Civil Code appeared at the end of the video, and the little yellow car (this book) jumped out. I don’t know why, then go through this number and the owner has deleted this video. Thinking reference


It’s still a case of curiosity. After seeing the end, I believe most people understand what this video is all about!
I won’t interpret the case too much, so I’ll just say a little. At the end of the film, I’ll teach you how to use coupons to save money. Isn’t that Taobao promotion?

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