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Baidu Library can easily earn tens of thousands every month as a sideline


With the development of the Internet, we are learning almost all the knowledge and nutrition from the Internet. Baidu Library has always occupied a very important position by Baidu’s weight search. You may not know that doing sideline work in Baidu Library can easily earn tens of thousands every month.

Why do you recommend Baidu Library as a platform? Baidu Library is very profitable. As long as the documents you upload are used, you can make money. The experts at the head earn more than 10W every month, which is very profitable.

Baidu Library not only collects some resources from itself and puts them on this platform, but as long as it is a certified platform expert, it can be filled with knowledge and content on this platform in the past, that is to say, you only need to find resources to carry them over, and then someone can download or read them and you can make money.

The whole process is very simple. The key to making money is whether your resources are attractive. If the resources are brilliant, you can attract users to download them.
Then let’s talk about the specific operation steps of Baidu Library.

First, the opening income

This Baidu library has no income when it is just registered. Only when it is opened for advertising revenue can it have income. So there is a small threshold. When it is just registered, it is level 1. It is necessary to constantly upload content for users to download and use for free, so that it can be upgraded to level 2, which can open advertising revenue, just like the traffic master in WeChat official account.

Then, some documents or contents here are of very high quality, which requires users to pay. At this time, only stores can be opened, and there will be some income settlement in the personal center, which is more convenient.

Second, the content source

Baidu Library is a platform that basically needs all the content. In theory, you can upload any knowledge and content, because all the content must be sought by someone, but the content must be refined.

I suggest that we should generally start with some relatively easy ones, such as professional materials, such as these exam materials, which are very extensive in content, such as the real questions of postgraduate entrance examination, CET-4 and CET-6, the manual of rice yield per mu, 81 questions on intensive care of fat pigs, common problems in nursing calves, or more professional knowledge such as mechanical engineering principles, working guidelines of enterprise electricians, etc.
This kind of knowledge is generally easy to find, and there are a lot of such knowledge on the Internet, such as some large teaching websites, such as China Postgraduate Entrance Examination Network, etc., and there are many contents in the authoritative platform that are worthy of our stripping.

Some resources that we need to integrate can also be put into the materials of Baidu Library. For example, I knew before that there was an artist named Wu Zongxian, and many people said that Wu Zongxian was a talent in pick up hot chicks, so there were many pick up hot chicks words about Wu Zongxian on the Internet. If we collect all these, the quotations from pick up hot chicks in Wu Zongxian, this is a good knowledge library content, and the quotations from love rat in Hong Shichang, etc., all of which need us to collect the materials before sorting them out.

In addition, as for other content sources, if you have the conditions, you can find some materials outside. Now, browsers are more convenient and can be translated with one click, so don’t worry about not being able to understand foreign languages.

Many people don’t know how to search for content. This is actually very simple. Google browsers generally have Chinese keywords that are similar to Baidu’s results, and think they are all known content in China. However, if we translate the keywords into English first and then search for this English word, there will be a lot of content that we have never touched before. Just translate these contents directly.

Third, the content title

This game is based on Baidu’s search weight and users’ search habits. When users want to find certain kinds of information, they must search for keywords.

Baidu library itself is a product owned by Baidu, so it has a high weight. If the naming of your library materials is optimized by keywords, it will be listed on the front page when searched by users, and this material will have a very large exposure. If you have a lot of materials with good exposure, then the download volume will naturally be very large.

Therefore, it requires us to write the title according to the knowledge of the article. For example, your content is the real question of the college entrance examination, so you can bring these words directly in the title, and others can search it once they search it. If your title is “Pick whatever you want after studying Tsinghua Peking University”, this person doesn’t know what you are talking about at all.

Now it seems that Baidu Library is not very simple. When we do this kind of platform, the most important thing is to find out the rules of the platform. It is generally faster to get started when we know the rules clearly. After all, relying on Baidu, the flow of the library is still very large.

There is no difficulty in doing this project of uploading knowledge documents. It is very convenient to find a platform suitable for handling, carry the contents directly, then do centralized sorting, and then upload them to the platform for review. After the download is open, users will get a commission for clicking and downloading.

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