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Making money on the Internet, as long as it has a certain amount of traffic, is equal to strong liquidity


There are a lot of money-making projects on the Internet, and I have seen a lot of money-making projects. As long as there is a certain amount of traffic, it is equal to strong liquidity, like novel distribution. It was very easy to make money by dispatching bills at the earliest time, not only novel distribution but also comic distribution.

But now there are fewer people doing it. After all, there are only a few traffic platforms, and with the addition of short videos such as WeChat official account and Aauto Quicker, the number of employees in this industry has basically increased by nearly 70% in the previous two years.

It accelerates the development of this industry, but it also brings some problems, because the distribution of novels has certain copyright attributes, that is to say, the benefits and risks coexist, which is a very important problem. With the improvement of our national quality, the copyright of most genuine novels is relatively expensive, and it is generally not cost-effective to buy the copyright directly, so some distribution platforms handle them in various ways.

The other is to do novel distribution, and the title is very serious. If you want to promote your novel, you must have attractive content and title. As we all know, optimizing the title can bring better exposure, so many title parties are born, but the actual content is not amazing, which leads to being reported or restricted from pushing.

Also, some novels will touch some sensitive information. Basically, there are high-voltage lines on these novels, because once you do distribution, you may be suspected of spreading this information, but you can’t read all these novels completely first, which may lead to violations in the later period.
So in this case, can the novel distribution project continue?

The answer is, of course, yes. Why did I say yes? You can go to the subways of various cities. The people who make the most money from bubbling nets are those who read novels there with their mobile phones.

But for us, after all, the novel project is relatively easy to start, and it is relatively simple to get back-office benefits by directly sharing a link. Compared with those projects that need massive traffic, this is purely an automation project, so long as it is distributed, someone can get a commission if they pay to see it.

At present, the hot delivery platforms, such as today’s headlines, video numbers and vibrato Aauto Quicker, are all good. After all, most of the pan-powder flow is concentrated here.

At present, we are doing this kind of novel distribution, and most of them are taking the mode of dispatching orders. As long as you throw out the link of this novel in the traffic pool, clicking and paying for reading will be profitable.

Doing this kind of dispatch basically depends on the number of friends, and using QQ group and WeChat group to do group marketing. In the group, you have been losing links and copying. Anyway, looking for a needle in a haystack, you can pay one, and the powder is basically There is a certain proportion that will be transformed. A WeChat group of 500 people, you sent a link, maybe no one will transform, but if you send this link to 100 groups of 500 people, then,
If any group has particularly high data, it is best to separate the group separately, because these are high quality groups, so we will choose to put some links with high commission into this group.

We can test this data in the background of novel distribution, and the platform and we also divide the money according to a certain proportion, because we do promotion, and the commission will be relatively higher.

It’s relatively simple to distribute novels, that is, to get commissions through distribution. Basically, there is no threshold. Another mode of acting novel projects is distribution, which is equivalent to the partnership between you and the original novel distribution platform. The platform gives you a separate platform, and you can use this platform to recruit partners or send orders as agents.

Distribution generally earns a little more than direct distribution. If you have traffic in your hand or are good at self-media like WeChat official account, you can basically get a title and a small copy.

Another important thing is how to find the platform. There are so many Baidu One Search platforms. How can we tell which one of these platforms is reliable?
First, we should find a platform with more resources, and some platforms have few resources, which is not suitable for us to enlarge. Second, we need to find the platform that ranks higher in Baidu search. This kind of platform is generally not bad for money, and the ranking of bidding single page is very high, so it is virtually a lot less for money. Third, we need a platform with high commission. Before acting, we can all know the commission ratio, which is also very important. Basically, the highest commission can reach 90%, which is our own.

Then, how can we promote it? Apart from the formal channels of WeChat group and QQ group, because these groups are mandatory, as long as all the groups that can enter are entered, these pan-powders are also the best powder for transforming novels at present.

Other platforms such as vibrato, video number, Douban, Weibo, etc. are quite good platforms, because the drainage methods of each platform are different, so I won’t go into details here, and we will gradually popularize simple drainage methods according to different platforms in the future.

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