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Can the Internet make money automatically?


After doing the Internet for so many years, one of the most frequently heard words is whether you can make money automatically, and everyone’s attitude towards making money is slowly changing. There is a saying that “human nature is lazy”, and almost everyone prefers the project that can automatically make profits continuously. This simple flow realization small project is worth a try.

Most of the profits can be obtained automatically and continuously, which depends on some specific software, such as automatic card issuing platform, which doesn’t need people to stare at it, and it will be put into code when there is income.

Then, if we make profits for some welfare platforms purposefully, we need to build corresponding scripts instead of manual work. Just like the news novel APP of the previous two years, as long as we hang up and read it, we can make money, and we can withdraw cash. Like walking to make money, scripts simulate walking steps, and we can also make some money.

However, these basically require a large number of machines to be launched synchronously, and one or two mobile phones can not bring much profit if they continue to operate there. If dozens of mobile phones hang script group control, it will be more severe.

Scripts like this are worthless in themselves, but if they are sold more, they will make money. It is worth writing in the previous article that Bubble Net made a friend of mine and sold more than 900 scripts online, which sold more than 2,000 copies a year. Calculated, they made almost two million less a year.

It seems that selling scripts is more profitable than doing things directly with scripts, because most people focus on a fixed project and ignore the importance of marketing. If we can find the right scripts according to specific projects, can we make money?

For example, there was a hot project years ago, and the profit per order was in three figures. Everyone should know that it was to rob Maotai, and I also robbed Maotai, but it didn’t go well and I couldn’t grab it at all.
Simple traffic realizes small projects, and novices practice 5000+ per month
So such a script was born. The script of grabbing Maotai, as well as a detailed tutorial, and hand-held graphic teaching, is a bit interesting, and someone really grabbed Maotai with one click.

Let’s not talk about whether this script software is good or not. Such a few gimmick advertising copywriting will certainly attract many users, because there are many people who rob Maotai on these mainstream apps.

Once there are more gold diggers, shovel sellers can make a lot of money, which is reverse thinking.

Scripts like this will definitely follow the project. If we can’t find the project, what’s the use of knowing some scripts later? So knowing this profitable point, the next step is to find popular projects and continue to sell scripts.

Excavating projects should be integrated into this circle. Doing projects is just like part-time. There are circles. Look at what projects he often talks about. Generally, many valuable projects can be screened out from it.

Here, we still focus on the wool party, not the real users who do internet projects. The wool party likes to earn a few dollars and a few cents, and as long as a script can make them earn in batches, they will have a very high chance of paying the bill.

First, user demand mining

This project is mainly based on marketing, so first of all, we need to find relevant audience users. According to the current situation, our users are C-end wool party, and those who like to win things or commissions are best on-hook users.

These people are mainly students’ parties, treasure mothers, or various part-time groups, and they are not demanding, so long as they can increase their income a little, they are very satisfied.

Second, guide the transaction

This is not for us to customize his project script, but for him to find us to buy the script. This is simple. As long as it is operated, the daily income is still very considerable.

Just now, we analyzed so many users’ positioning, and we have plenty of time every day, but we just don’t know what to do, so we have to design a marketing plan for this group of people.

The simplest way is to send a set of bonus hunter projects corresponding to our script to the group for everyone to settle for two days, and do it slowly. Don’t worry.

Many platforms support new users more strongly, so it is easier to earn a little money in the early stage. At this time, we spend the money earned by our scripts every day, and the income amplified by our scripts is still very attractive to users.

Third, the script sales plan

Our most common script sales are divided into three types, and I will only talk about the most common ones here.

  1. Sell the script separately, that is, no matter which channel we get from, we can sell the script at a higher price, and simply sell the software to earn the difference.
  2. Bundle sales scripts, which I think everyone should be familiar with. You can crack the mobile phone, install it on the mobile phone, and then sell it together with the second-hand mobile phone. This bubble net makes money. I think many people should have seen what projects to do and need to buy their mobile phones. In fact, they sell script software. Just like Taobao in previous years, there is no source of goods. No source of goods is a signboard. In fact, it is to sell you the right to filter and upload one-click software.
  3. Agents sell scripts. Now, all walks of life are recruiting agents. Why? Because the shipment is fast, it is basically the agent mode, but the profit of customers is less, but it can be found in quantity.

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