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If you want to do vibrato and don’t want to appear in person, what project should you choose to do?


If you want to do vibrato and don’t want to appear in person, what project should you choose to do? Today, I recommend a vibrato project that doesn’t need to appear at all. It is easy to operate and quick to get started. Even if you are a zero-based white, as long as you have enough execution, you can achieve the goal of earning 10,000 a month.

Not much nonsense, go directly to dry goods.

Ordinary people can also do the project of making money by shaking the sound-the coup of life

Short video earning project of life coup. Have you seen many videos sharing life skills in short videos?
Most of these videos are very simple to make, and millions of videos can be played only by matching video materials with voice-overs.

So how do you make a life skills video?

First of all, you need to find a suitable benchmarking account.

What kind of account is suitable for your benchmarking account?

  1. Don’t look for a large size with fans over one million
  2. Find the trumpet that has just been made recently

Why don’t you find fans who have a million tuba?

First of all, those fans have exceeded one million tuba, and it has been quite a long time since their initial stage to mature operation. At this time, the style and crowd of accounts have been very stable.
You basically have no advantage in benchmarking them, because you can’t imitate their content as well as they can in the early stage.

Moreover, the platform will support different fields in different stages, and the methods they adopted in the initial stage are probably the minefields of the platform now, so it is not suitable for you to use them again.

Moreover, those millions of tubas will have a lot of ways of making profits and realizing cash, which obviously does not conform to your current situation.

As Xiaobai chooses this earning project, it is best to find a trumpet that has just been made.

For example, if there are more than 100,000 fans, then such accounts are still being updated.

The trumpet that has just been made covers a limited number of people, and there are not many fans on the other side, but it still persists. What does this mean? Explain that the other party must have done a good job!

Only when they earn money can they persist, and they have just done it recently, so if we directly copy the benchmark, they can do it quickly in a short time.

If you can make a real person appear, you can make money by bubbling the net. I suggest you check the account number of the real person.

Because real people can generate trust when they leave the country, the key is to improve our realization efficiency.

If you really don’t want to be a real person, but you still want to do life skills, it is not impossible, but you can solve it by carrying and mixing.
Of course, the handling here is not to let you carry other people’s videos intact, but also to master skills and methods.

It is necessary to know that handling other people’s accounts directly on the same short video platform is definitely an operation violation. If you handle other people’s accounts across platforms and others report you, you will also touch the illegal title.

But if you go through post-processing and add some thoughts and opinions, there will be no problems.

For example, if you operate a life skills account on the vibrato platform, you can carry materials suitable for you on the Aauto Quicker platform.

Then, after a second cut, re-write the copy dubbing, so that a new video of life skills will be released.

There is another way, that is, it’s ok for you to make a video of vomit type and vomit unreliable life skills.

However, most accounts that handle mixed-cut videos also use the same operation method, so it is very likely that the videos you post are the same material content.

If you send it behind others, it will be detected by the system as handling, so when editing video, you must edit it as many times as possible, control the original video material within 3S, and use it directly instead of taking the whole paragraph.

In order to ensure the freshness of video, some people will adopt a more sophisticated operation method, that is, external network handling.

YOUTuBe is an overseas website, where bloggers from all over the world publish videos, which contain a lot of life skills materials, and the content is fresh and exciting enough.

Many upowners will download the video of this website over the wall and then transport it directly.

However, this method is not particularly suitable now, because the number of people carrying outside the network is also very large. As a novice, in order to ensure the quality of your own video, it is better to do secondary originality as much as possible.

How to realize it?

The realization method of life coup is relatively simple, mainly live delivery and drainage of WeChat group.

Here, bubble net makes money. I’ll specifically talk about these two methods of realizing cash.

  1. Live delivery

According to their own account attributes, find some corresponding life goods for sale in the live broadcast room.

If you choose products, you can choose some daily necessities with high sales volume and commission in the list of “Got Talent”, preferably products with high public demand, but the unit price should not be too high, so that your conversion rate will be high.

Send a video 10 minutes before the live broadcast, which will help you enter the live broadcast room.

When broadcasting, we should do some welfare activities, such as holding “I want” on the public screen and sending daily necessities randomly, so as to improve the liveness and retention rate of the live broadcast room.

  1. Drainage WeChat group realized

It’s also a good way to turn the fans of vibrato into your WeChat.

You can write your own WeChat in your profile and guide them to add your friends.

Before that, you need to build your own WeChat circle of friends in advance, so that after others add your friends, they can get to know you through your WeChat circle of friends, and know what products or services your WeChat will provide.
You can sell lifestyle products, recruit agents, set up paid communities, train online and so on.

  1. Vibrato PICK Plan

If your fans have achieved more than 100,000, then you can participate in the pick activity launched by the official vibrato in the later period. The bonus is particularly generous, ranging from 100 yuan to 30,000 yuan, and the reward will be paid according to the video playing volume.
Participation mode:

Search WeChat WeChat official account for the PICK Plan. After paying attention, find a novice to go on the road, and the registration tutorial menu will pop up. Look carefully and know how to operate it.

  1. Advertising promotion

When the number of your fans reaches a certain amount, advertisements will come to you on their own initiative.

These are the ways in which life skills vibrato can be realized easily.

It should be noted that there are two difficulties in doing this project.

Ok, the above is the small project of making money by vibrating voice that I want to introduce. The year 2020 has ended. There are a lot of people who get the bonus of vibrating voice this year, whether they do live broadcast or online celebrity, and many ordinary people make a lot of money in this project.

People who don’t eat meat don’t need to lose heart. Short video platforms are still a big trend in the next few years, and there is a great chance to make money while entering the market now.

Besides, this project has no cost. Even if you don’t do well, you won’t lose money if you fail. After all, you have learned new skills, which will be of great help to your future development.

The field of Internet is full of opportunities, so long as you can grasp a little, you will have the opportunity to make money.

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