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Selling pet products by reverse thinking drainage, the daily income is 1000+


We did the project in a normal and well-behaved way and worked hard. However, the effect is always unsatisfactory. Take every project as a problem. For drainage, 80% of people can’t do well. If they don’t do well, it means that there is no flow, and if there is no flow, it means that they can’t make money.

Traffic = money! ! ! No traffic = no money! ! !

Today, I will share with you two small projects, which use the drainage method of reverse thinking, which is very meaningful. Everyone must learn. In your promotion, or if there is a bottleneck, you can try reverse thinking, which is often the most powerful weapon for you to open a breakthrough.

  1. Selling pet products with reverse thinking drainage, the daily income is 1000+

If we look at the consumption level: women > dogs > men. Compared with women’s economy, pet economy is a new field that has only risen in recent years. Of course, everyone is not stupid. You know that the pet field makes money, and others must know it. So, a bunch of people piled up inside to grab the cake. The cake is so big that the competition is fierce.

At this time, we are rushing in, according to the normal thinking: to introduce how good our pet products are, come and buy them! This is completely the same as others, and it will be buried with great probability. What can we do to stand out from the crowd?

I have a friend, who is a pet product. Now, her drainage way is to do it according to the scheme that I gave her by bubbling net, that is, reverse thinking drainage.

Her previous drainage method was written in Post Bar or other media: xxx products are very good. After her dog ate them, they were much better. Now they are on sale. It is necessary to add WeChat … Although some transactions can be made, the results are minimal and hard.

Now she is also posting it or promoting it from the media, but the copy has changed: I have to go on a business trip for one month, and I have the heart to give up what I love and give it to my beloved baby for free, so I can contact WeChat xxxxxx. I hope the new owner can spoil it.

In this way, many people who like pets will add your WeChat. How can you reply to so many people? After all, we don’t have pets, do we?

It can only be said that the pet has been given away, and many people will feel pity at this time, but they will also understand: after all, there is only one pet, and there is no way to come one step later! In fact, this is a routine. We didn’t send it to anyone.

But have you noticed that all the people who come to join us like pets? At this time, it is very accurate for us to sell pet products in the circle of friends.

Pet products are very profitable, because pets are the favorite things of many people, and they are willing to buy better things for their beloved pets.

2, reverse thinking drainage to do weight loss products

Losing weight is also a very profitable and highly competitive industry. Baidu’s bidding advertisement costs tens of dollars per click.

Normal drainage is basically impossible, so how to use reverse thinking to drain?

You can do this: send large clothes for free.

The copywriting can be as follows: I lost 30 pounds and finally succeeded. Now these large clothes are no longer needed, and some of them are new. Whoever needs them can give them to you free of charge.

This will definitely attract many fat people to contact you. Of course, contacting you for your clothes is secondary, and contacting you for your weight loss experience is real.

As for the realization of this transaction, I will leave it here for the time being. Here, we only give you a solution to the problem of traffic. As long as there is traffic, we can always realize it.

The above two methods are definitely much better than using normal thinking to drain water.

Thinking is very important, it is the bottom, so long as you know it, other projects are the same. Can also get twice the result with half the effort.

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