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A very good subdivision of the sector to make money


Today, I’d like to share a good money-making project in the subdivision field: selling computer font resources.

This is a very good virtual product, because there is still a certain market for computer fonts, which will be needed in many industries and fields, and can be used in articles, trademarks and various covers.

Therefore, under the action of fonts, the user needs are very high. As for why it is a partial project, it is because fonts are copyrighted. Of course, not all fonts are copyrighted, and some fonts are commercially available for free, so we also have a chance to make a profit.

Let’s first take a look at some demand data, such as on a treasure
This one sells integrated fonts, with a monthly sales volume of about 1,000, and a cumulative sales volume of 5,000, which means less revenue from 100 yuan in one day.
Look at another company, which sells a series of fonts separately. At present, the total sales volume is close to 1,500, and it also earns more than 5,000.

Almost all these font resources can be obtained at low cost. Even if you are worried about the copyright of fonts, you can integrate some free commercial fonts for packaging, or integrate a series of fonts for sale. If you don’t want to integrate, find these peers to buy directly.

However, our selling channels here don’t recommend playing online shop routes. After all, if copyright issues are involved, it will be troublesome. In addition, the cycle of doing online stores is relatively long, which requires operation. If you think you have enough time, you can also consider it.

The following channels are recommended:

Post Bar

Besides some popular post bars, the present post bars have almost become a marketing platform for buying and selling resources, so our font resources can also be promoted in the post bars.
For example, font bar, drawing bar, design bar, PS bar, etc., generally, the industries that can use fonts can search.


It is also a very good choice to build a font download station, because I personally need fonts from all aspects if I make money by bubbling net, and some fonts will be more expensive if I buy them in the official, but they are much cheaper in the personal font resource download station, only a few pieces are needed, and even members can download them for free.
Of course, if you only sell font resources separately, it will waste the function of the website, so you can cooperate with other resources and increase your unit price in all aspects.

Therefore, it is also feasible for us to be a resource download station, and the cost of building a website will not be particularly high. The server cost of tens of domain names plus tens of yuan per month can be used, and then the SEO technology of our website can be used well, so that we can basically make money by lying down in the later period.

Idle fish

As an online shop platform with low edition, idle fish can’t be missed naturally. Although the unit price of customers is very low here because of peer reasons, it can also generate profits in the way of walking and cooperating with other resources.

Many people may not think that the media will be related to font resources. In fact, if we divide the fields, font resources are a kind of resources in the design field, especially without PS tools, so they will naturally be in the design and workplace skills.
As long as the promotion from the media is matched with font and text effects and some copywriting, and then the title is described as gorgeous, many groups can be attracted, and then the private message function can be used to guide it to the personal number for realization.


Basically, after attracting users through these channels, they want their own marketing methods to promote their products. Moreover, because the unit price of font resources is very low, most customers will make a deal, so it is normal to produce 30 orders a day.

If some series of fonts can be integrated, customers can even make multiple payments.

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