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Zhihu good things violence starts! From the perspective of a businessman, with profit and loss thinking, to be a good thing in Zhihu!


I have previously shared with you the article “Zhihu Good Things: Starting from 0”, and many friends are interested in it. Today, let’s share the method of naming good things in Zhihu. If the follow-up response is good, we will make a round of in-depth project series with you and have a good talk with you about the good things in Zhihu. Today, I’m making money from bubble net. I’ll tell you about the name of violence against good things in Zhihu! From the perspective of a businessman, with profit and loss thinking, to be a good thing in Zhihu!

First, the underlying logic of the project:

  1. requirements:

Zhihu Haowu is a cargo carrying system introduced by Zhihu in order to realize it. As long as Zhihu exists, the content will always be watched, and the project of realizing good things will always exist.

  1. Solutions:

Start the number quickly and make money quickly!

  1. Income composition:

Promotion commission

Second, the specific implementation

  1. product selection:

Selection of products is the housekeeping skill of every good thing recommender in Zhihu, and each family has its own unique cheats. For example, some people specialize in writing digital numbers, some people specialize in writing hand casings, and some people specialize in writing beauty products, all of which are based on their familiarity and love in this field, so that they can work hard in this field for a long time.

How to find your own category: The general operation is to go to Jingfen, go through the first-class and second-class products one by one, and choose the category you like, which has a large sales volume and a good commission. (Like, sales, commission, all three should be occupied. As for the proportion, you should weigh it yourself.).

Matching products: high sales volume+low commission products, matching low sales volume+high commission products. Like opening a shop, this product with high sales volume and low gross profit is used to offset the sales volume and drain other products with high gross profit in the shop through large flow and high exposure. The principle is the same. Through the drainage of low commission products, the income of high commission products will be increased.

  1. Buy praise:

The official review of some illegal operations is also very strict. If there are illegal operations such as praise brushing, mutual praise, and collection brushing, it is easy to turn over old scores. However, if the new number wants to pick up the quantity quickly, one thing that cannot be avoided is praise. Therefore, how to praise it will become very important and skillful.

The operation of many people in the industry is to buy some praises with thousands or thousands of praises. If you like this kind of praise, it will cost a few dollars or even more. Don’t be too expensive. The praise of high-quality accounts is always in short supply. (Don’t buy a new number of praises, it is easy to be settled after autumn)

If you have some numbers with higher weights, you can exchange praises with others, which is similar to the principle of mutual push by WeChat official account before. In this way, everyone can get high-quality praise without spending money.

About why you want to buy praise: because in business, only profit and loss will be considered, so long as the loss is less than profit, then the business can be done. Buying praise is an inevitable link for quick numbering, and it must be done. Just be careful, buy high-quality praise, and make more numbers, and the risk can be reduced to a relatively low level.

  1. Batch numbering:

Focus on the article: It is suggested to do more numbers, put the main energy on the quality of the article, and then drain the article through batch answers. Because you answer the highly praised articles, although the traffic is good, there are many competing products that answer similar to you, and even answer better than you. After reading one answer, the user will probably brush down the other answers instead of buying goods in your answers. Therefore, the answer is drainage, and the article is transformed. Don’t get it wrong.

Try to do some articles related to long tail keywords, such as what snacks can you buy indefinitely? What delicious snacks are there in Taobao that are cheap but unknown?

Do more accounts: although there is a saying that the income of a high-quality large one day is higher than the income of an ordinary account for one month. But among the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Zhihu good things, how many high-quality tubas are there? Everyone can count this. Moreover, a large size is also very risky, and it is easy to be attacked, current-limited, sealed and so on. If you only have one number, the risk is very great. Besides, it’s difficult for you to get a good fortune in Zhihu and earn 20,000 to 30,000 a month. However, if you have five Zhihu Good Things, it is relatively easy to achieve a monthly income of four or five thousand for each number. Therefore, making more accounts is a relatively easy way to make money. According to the rules of horse racing, among your numerous accounts, it is easy to run out one or two large ones.

  1. Knowledge+delivery:

Burning knowledge+during activities: It is very cost-effective to burn knowledge+during big festivals like 618 and Double Eleven, which can well amplify your income. Because these activities promote festivals, red envelope promotion activities are often launched. Don’t underestimate these red envelopes. He can help you lock customers. Even if you cross stores, the commission is quite large.

Article optimization: When you want to know and deliver, it is best to choose articles with better conversion, for example, articles with more than 10% click rate, so that the conversion rate can be higher. If you find that the conversion rate of articles has dropped (this is normal, and the conversion rate will naturally drop if the users are more extensive), then you need to revise the articles and find ways to improve the conversion. If it is found that the transformation cannot be promoted and there is a risk of losing money, stop quickly and change to other articles.

Optimization skills: the article can be optimized and adjusted through the title, label, the content of the first paragraph, and the structure, pictures and good things. The title of the article is very important, so it’s best to stick to the theme of this activity and its timeliness. For example, if we want to post this article in 618, we will change it to the title of 618, which is the most suitable mobile phone guide for purchase. Secondly, the content of the first paragraph and the structure of the article are very particular, so it is very important for users to be clear and willing to read it.

Zhi+’s bid: Zhi+is somewhat similar to other bubbling nets to make the pod delivery I mentioned before, but the advertising system in Zhihu is obviously not so mature, there are not many options to choose from, and the delivery cannot be more refined. When putting in bids, it is difficult to see the promotion category, competition degree and other details. Therefore, cpc can be set as 0.2 yuan at first, and then adjusted according to the change of exposure. If it is some popular goods, even if you bid for 0.2 yuan, the traffic is still very good. However, for some subdivided categories, such as jewelry and watches, the price will be much higher.

Knowledge+cost control: any delivery must first control the cost. It is difficult to make money, but it is easier to lose money. The time of knowing+can be turned on and off at any time, and the release time should be selected as far as possible, such as the activity festival, the time of fishing at work on weekdays, or the time of rest at night (knowing+releasing, the effect on weekends is generally not very good, which is closely related to the properties of the platform). Therefore, the recommended delivery time is 9: 00 a.m.-2: 00 p.m. and 8: 00 p.m.-12: 00 p.m.

Continue to know+:Once you have voted for the know+,it is recommended to continue to put it in, and you must vote for it. This helps to get the flow support from the platform. If you suddenly stop putting in, the reading volume will easily fall like a cliff. Therefore, if you find that your traffic has fallen in a cliff-like manner, you can know and put it in at a low cost, and it is easy for the traffic to recover. If you want to stop knowing+,you should also gradually reduce the delivery, and you cannot stop the delivery at once.

Knowing+selecting products and plug-ins: knowing+bringing goods is the same as bringing goods into pods. Only products with high commission can support the continuous delivery of knowing+. Using the know+plug-in, you can get higher profits. Because when you insert goods with the knowledge+plug-in, you can skip Zhihu’s 30% commission. This bubble net earns money. When I talked about commission withdrawal before, I talked about Zhihu’s withdrawal. You normally insert goods, and you get a commission of 100 yuan. When you withdraw cash, Zhihu needs to withdraw 30% of the commission, that is, you can actually only get a commission of 70 yuan. And using the know+plug-in, you can avoid this commission.

  1. Other operational considerations:

Comment setting: whether the comment area is done well or not has a great influence on the conversion rate of articles. Therefore, special attention should be paid to this piece. You can find friends to operate it well. You can find people who brush praises to send it (write your own comments and let those who brush praises send it). Try to write it sincerely and with high quality, which is of great help to the transaction. It is also possible to formulate and refine some excellent comments, so that the transformation can be better with knowledge+delivery.

Keyword setting: There are drop-down keywords in the search box, and you can write the long tail words of this category according to this drop-down keyword. You can also use Baidu’s keyword planner, which is also a free tool, which is basically enough for a newcomer.

Label setting: Label is very important. When your article is written, the platform will label your article (according to the title of the article, the frequency of keywords in the article content, etc.). When you try your best to write, deliberately add some popular keywords to your articles. Then let some friends (non-white numbers) brush the keywords or long tail words for you, which will help the article finish the cold start quickly.

Answer drainage: Many newcomers do six answers a day and two articles a week. It is also a good way to drain the articles with answers through quantitative methods.

Zhihu grade and salt value: the ideal grade is above grade 5, with 700+ salt value. Such an account has a great influence on the article and answer. Generally, the way to get the salt value of Zhihu is to report it, and make money by bubbling the net. In my previous article about making a new number of good things in Zhihu from 0, I talked about the method of reporting in detail, so you can go and have a look.

Advertising placement: When your account weight is relatively high, some merchants will come and put products. Generally, the advertising cost for 1-2 products is 200-300 yuan, plus 10%-20% exclusive commission. This is the same as the small game of vibrato, with guaranteed subsidy+commission share.

III. Project evaluation:

1, suitable for the crowd:

Good things in Zhihu is a long-term project, and the method of sharing violence this time is to do this project from the perspective of a businessman. You can make your own assessment.

  1. Cost

The cost is not high, mainly because of the labor cost.

  1. Risk and control:

The risk is still relatively large, after all, it needs to be praised and so on. By doing a few more numbers and strengthening the control of IP, comments and likes, the risk will be relatively small.

  1. Revenue

The income from good things in Zhihu is OK. Although it is a bit difficult to earn 20,000 yuan per month on a single order, it is still possible to earn three or five thousand yuan per month on a single order. Do a few more numbers, and you can still earn money.

  1. Project extension

Other self-media platforms bring goods: Xiaohongshu, Aauto Quicker, Vibrato, WeChat official account and other platforms that need content can bring goods.

IV. Summary:

The routine of Zhihu’s violence against good things is for reference only. There must be risks, or you should evaluate them by yourself!

The above projects are shared for reference only. The projects are changing and the ideas are unchanged!

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