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What is Knowledge+? How to use Zhi+?


What is Knowledge+?

Zhi+is a content marketing tool provided by Zhihu government for individuals and enterprises. You can increase the exposure of articles, answers, videos, etc. created by you, and show the content to your precise user groups, so as to achieve the purpose of precise marketing.

You can understand it as the Zhihu version of Baidu’s bidding, but it is different in function and display mode. Your marketing copy is displayed in front of accurate users through keywords and user portraits.

Know what+can do?

The most important thing we do with it is drainage and powder. In most industries in the market, whether you are selling goods, selling classes or making new media, Zhihu is an important place to drain and add powder. You may have encountered such a problem: the audience in your field is too small, and even the very high-quality content is not easy to get a big exposure and bubble net profit. When there is an answer/article, it is popular, but it is limited to knowing the rules of the community, but it cannot leave advertisements openly and honestly.

The emergence of “Zhi+”has solved this problem. Use the content area component in the Knowledge+Marketing Plug-in to directly drain and add powder.

  1. It can directly arouse WeChat and add group with one click. The owner of QQ wool group introduces traffic into QQ group by knowing+. After clicking the button to add, you will jump to QQ directly and enter the application interface for joining the group, which can effectively improve the conversion rate.
  2. WeChat official account will automatically copy the name /ID of WeChat official account and jump to the WeChat interface after he clicks to open the drainage for WeChat official account by knowing+. This method can also suck powder for WeChat personal number.
  3. Redemption of Good Things Recommendation in Zhihu If you are an e-commerce practitioner, or do good things recommendation IP in Zhihu, you can also do shopping guide in Zhihu through high-quality and professional content, and increase the exposure of content by putting knowledge+,thus increasing the sales volume of goods. Get considerable profits quickly.
  4. app promotes downloading all kinds of APP, which was promoted in Zhihu in the past;

The answer is similar to: What software is easy to use but not hot? X easy-to-use mobile phone software recommended?

What apps are installed on your mobile phone?

X fun mobile games? And other issues,

Introduce the highlights of the APP in detail to guide users to download in the app store.

Nowadays, the marketing plug-in can be used to apply the direct function to wake up the APP directly or download the page directly, thus reducing the intermediate links and shortening the user decision-making chain.
Drainage dry goods: How to carry out drainage and powder adding operation through knowledge+
Through the content, after the curiosity of the user is mobilized, the user can directly click the card in the text to enter the download page, which greatly improves the download rate.

  1. Start a new IP quick test and expose the brand

With Zhi+,you can also do the cold start of IP account and test the content. The principle is to accelerate the exposure of the content by knowing+,and then make profits by bubbling the net according to the data of likes, likes, collections, comments, etc., so as to quickly test the quality of the content, optimize and adjust it in time, and effectively shorten the test time.

When starting a new IP, if the content is high enough, start a cold start, accelerate exposure through knowledge, drive user interaction, pay attention, etc., and shorten the account forming time. The above skills are equally effective for enterprises that need to obtain brand exposure. High-quality professional content, combined with flexible use of marketing plug-ins, can achieve the purpose of brand exposure while obtaining accurate users.

How to use Zhi+?

1) Log in directly to the website of Zhihu Effect Marketing Platform:, then fill out the form as required, and wait for Zhihu advertising sales or agents to contact.

2) Contact the agent directly to open an account. The advantage of this method is that it is direct and efficient. If your budget is sufficient, you can also talk about rebates with the agent. Agents can search by Baidu! After opening an account successfully, you can choose the scene you need to launch in the background.

After successful delivery, enter the knowledge+background to view the data of each order, as shown in the following figure. The main data include: cost, exposure, click rate, average click price, cost of thousands of exposures, number of plug-in exposures, number of plug-in clicks, etc. According to these data, we can further optimize the content and price.

If you don’t want to do free promotion and want to get traffic, then paying is also a shortcut. At present, many people put in Shake+in Zhihu, and some put in it for less than half a year, which is definitely effective.

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