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A sideline project that can be operated for a long time


Recently, sharing is all about making money and dismantling hot information. Many partners want to find some projects that can be done for a long time. In fact, many small projects can always be done, because the demand has always been there, and there are still a wave of people after a wave. Share a long-term sideline project for everyone.
When you see the screenshot above, you should know that the bubble net earns what I want to share. Many people say that there are fees. In fact, many times you are limited by your cognition. Not only do people pay, but there are also many payers

A brother went undercover and wanted to do this. In fact, many people consulted me about this project, asking how to do it. In fact, doing projects, especially such fast projects, can solve several problems, because it is an automated money-making project. This year will also be an in-depth operation project
Such a project is actually a solution program. This program is a big push on the Internet. There are a lot of treasures, and there are many searches on the micro engine. It can be solved by spending money. In fact, the most difficult solution is traffic. If you have traffic, build it directly.

To build this project, you need to prepare a certified service number, and to solve the problem of payment. At present, payment is a big problem for many operational projects, because everyone knows that this restriction is relatively large now

You can use the company here. If you think of a private account, you are now a self-employed person, or a third-party payment can be private. However, there are very few third-party systems. In the past, it was all over the street, and the blow was too big, so many of them were closed.

Therefore, it is best to use WeChat to pay. After solving the payment and procedures, the rest is to solve the traffic, and the rest is to make money automatically. What you need is to work hard to make traffic

First of all, what we need to think about is what people need expressions, where they will go, where we can drain them wherever they go, give them what they want, and finally make money. In fact, the most traffic at present is Xiaohongshu, Aauto Quicker, vibrato, video number, Weibo.

At first, it is estimated that you will not drain. In fact, you don’t need it. You only need to know how to copy it. Search for expression-related keywords, expression packs, expression books, expression materials, emoticons, and unexpected video drainage modes on major platforms. Research is in place
How they operate, you will follow the operation. What you need to do is to optimize and upgrade on their basis, optimize the transaction skills in place, and give them what they want. Let’s talk a little more here, sometimes don’t exaggerate a lot for the transaction. Otherwise, complain about the title, you have nothing.

I have operated several projects from 0 since I started my business, and I have mastered the basic operation flow. However, still, I still need you to execute and operate, otherwise it will be very difficult to make money. Many people are people who know much and operate, or look down on these September 9 projects. In fact, many times we look down on the projects that others are making money in a muffled voice!

Again, to study a project, we must understand the core of the project, solve the problem, and you can start to make money if you continue to implement it. Why do many people can’t make money? 90% of them know it, but if you don’t implement it, do you want to make money? Don’t do anything, shorty

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