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One number can solve 99% of the basic problems and accumulate tens of thousands of fans to earn thousands every day


In the evening, I have a barbecue with my local buddy on the Internet. I learned from him that there was a good project recently. I asked him what happened, but he was frank.

He said that house prices were favorable during the epidemic last year, so he has been participating in Yaohao to buy a house last year, adding more than 50 sales groups of various buyers, real estate groups and Yaohao groups. Every day, some people in the group ask some basic questions, such as where to print the credit information, how to open the social security certificate, what are the various standards of talent subsidy, whether you can buy it now, how to inquire about the purchase qualification or some policy issues in the restricted purchase area, etc.
Can those miscellaneous policies above be found online? Sure, but the trouble is that it is scattered in various documents in official website of various government departments. It is very fragmentary and troublesome to find. Some people still can’t, and the situation varies from place to place.

At this time, this buddy discovered the business opportunity. He sorted all the basic information from settling down to buying a house by lottery, including the school district planning, including taking license plates, into one official number. It took half a month, and one number could solve 99% of the basic problems.

Then he added hundreds of different groups of buyers in the whole city, and whenever someone asked any questions, he threw out a corresponding link. Before long, he was delighted to find that he didn’t need to spread it any more. Whenever someone asked about something, others would throw out a link from his WeChat official account, and there were not a few people who took the initiative to send friends.
In this way, he sucked 20,000 to 30,000 fans in two months, and he was still lying down every day. Most people may not know the high commercial value of a fan who buys a house accurately. He docked the advertising company in the real estate industry and began to receive real estate advertisements. Now, he can earn thousands by advertising a real estate.

The reason why I share this case is because I really admire this little brother, not that he is brilliant, but that he is not as full of ideas as most people, but never implements them.

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