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Short video handling and drainage are both correct


Recently, there have been many tutorials in the circle to teach university students to make money by carrying videos with tiktok, which reminds me of the story of gold rush. I think ordinary people can make money by carrying tiktok, but there is still a certain threshold for how to move videos. We will not teach you how to move videos today, because there is still a project with poor information that is easier to operate waiting for us.

Recently, many fans have asked me whether tiktok can make money in carrying short videos. First of all, I think it depends on personal ability to make money. There are many domestic carriers. Some accounts can get up in a short time, while others can’t.

However, there are still many places to pay attention to when doing tiktok short video transportation, such as some dial-up settings, network, email, small rockets, etc. After all, these slightly professional things can’t be done well by anyone.

Since there are so many people who want to make money on tiktok, as long as we fix the software, that is, the most basic tiktok installation, we can not only use free teaching to drain but also make paid solutions.

For example, the installation of tiktok is a little difficult for a large number of people, which may require some network configuration. If you want to download it from official website, you will need to connect your mobile phone and dial it. If you download it through Google Application Center, you will also need Google account.

Therefore, there are a lot of services to help download tiktok on the Internet. Let’s look around the Internet and see what services can provide paid download help.
It can be seen that there are still many people who provide this kind of service, and some people are doing it on the platform of the head. A certain treasure, a certain lot and a certain fish can be found by inputting relevant keywords, and these services are basically paid for.

If we get this software, it’s a good choice whether we sell it or do drainage. In the past, there was a story of gold rush. People occasionally found gold in one place, and a large number of people joined the gold rush industry. Finally, people who sold shovels and water made a fortune. Everyone knows this truth.

We don’t do tiktok training, because we are unprofessional, and a group of professionals help us build momentum, which leads to the high popularity of tiktok, so it is a good choice for us to take advantage of this popularity to sell products or drain water.

Someone here may ask me, I can’t do it myself, how can I understand this and install it for others?

There are two ways here, which can basically solve your above problems. First, find your own peers to buy them, like some peers I found on several platforms above. You can sell them after you buy them, and you don’t need to sort out these things. In addition, you can learn this installation directly.

The second is to find data to learn. The advantage of the Internet is that there are no resources that we can’t find. If you don’t know how to download software or how to install it, you can find data to learn and test it. The barrier to installation is the problem of the network. If you are willing to spend a little time, you can learn it.

In addition, there are a lot of free software on the Internet, like QQ group, there are a lot of free tiktok resources, and some cracked versions can be used directly, without the network configuration, number configuration and so on.
Today, I found a tiktok drainage person in QQ group at the company. The software was sent free of charge, so I installed it. It can be used directly without any other network. A cracked version like this is more convenient to use. If a friend wants it, add a bubble net to earn any WeChat, and I will send you a note tiktok.

As long as you get the software, you can find a platform to sell it. If you want to drain it, I suggest that you send it free of charge. After all, this software itself is not bought at a large price, it is a free download of the mobile phone installation package.

If you want to make money, you can sell it like your peers, which is cheaper than their prices. After all, if you don’t have any capital business, you can hang it on a fish for testing, because there are many things that have been inexplicably reported off the shelf recently.

At present, some people in our country focus on tiktok platform. Coupled with the development of short video itself, too many grassroots come in, most of which are inexperienced, and the operation experience is still second. Sometimes it is very difficult to install the software.

Then this is precisely our market. A tiktok scheme with more than one dollar can sell tens of thousands of copies a month. For this product alone, the store’s monthly profit is several W+.

If you post free tiktok ads on some weight platforms, such as Zhihu, Post Bar, Baidu Q&A, you can quickly intercept Baidu’s search engine traffic to get a large number of fans, which is also a good drainage method.

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