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This project sells supervision!


Nowadays, young people, white-collar workers and students, including bubble nets, earn themselves, and sometimes their self-discipline is very poor! Why can’t those who once made a fortune by selling anxiety and thus selling knowledge sell now? Because young people are too lazy to learn, will they buy again if they don’t learn once? Will you buy again if your reputation is not good?

Most of them bought series without learning, and collected series without learning, which abound.

Therefore, this project sells supervision! Think about the running supervision in the first two years, it was done wrong, so don’t elaborate here, you can know if you want to know yourself.

They all want to read books, learn English, quit smoking and drinking, swim and keep fit, go to bed early and get up early … But which one is not fishing for three days and drying the net for two days, and after watching it for a few minutes, they start to brush and play games. The stationmaster is also in this column. When you write a copy, you can brush off the vibrato. Sometimes it really delays your work.

In such a impetuous society, this project was born like this: manual supervision! , a treasure also has this service, wake up every day, the transaction volume is quite large.
I’m not asking you to open a treasure. It’s time-consuming and labor-intensive and may not be successful.

Be a supervision community, and supervise the things he has set. Male clients will be provided with a little sister, while women will be provided with a little brother, who can supervise you to read books, exercise, quit smoking and drinking, go to bed early and get up early … The package is arbitrarily matched, and the monthly service fee is only 99 yuan, with a deposit of 300 yuan.

If you don’t accept supervision, you will be detained according to the agreement. A person can serve twenty or thirty customers and act as a pre-sales salesman at the same time. It is nothing more than sending messages regularly and sending voices occasionally. The service does not include chatting. People are invited in the university, 80 yuan/person/day, and as many people as they want.

Why can I receive a deposit? They are willing to, 300 yuan is not much, with the deposit, they are more willing to accept supervision, but also for himself! Do you know how terrible it is to be self-disciplined for a month, whether it is reading, exercising or going to bed early and getting up early? That’s a real change! Therefore, the repurchase rate of this project is very high, and it spreads very fast!

On average, there are at least dozens of orders a day. Although the service fee can’t earn much money, the deposit bubble net can earn me hundreds of thousands a month! Once pressed, he won’t return it. You know, there are two possibilities, either he will be deducted if he doesn’t accept supervision, or he will always press if he feels effective. What? Fear of illegal fund-raising? Get rid of all the legal risks in all the links, and consult a lawyer.

The key is value-added services, such as sleeping service, which is expensive, and e-commerce services. What do e-commerce sell? Books, insomnia-related articles, supervisors can send friends circle, shopping with special e-commerce system can also achieve fission, users can recommend fission commission!

You have to ask me how to get the traffic. Why do you want vibrato? Why do you want the WeChat video number? The target customers all want to seek change. There are so many inspirational paragraphs. You can send them to the dead every day. One explosion is millions of browsing, and WeChat adds you soft …

Said, the key is to go to perform, basically is to look at it is not serious.

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