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It is still very profitable to do QQ group marketing


Many people think that there are fewer and fewer people playing QQ group now. In fact, it is not true. Many people just get some information in the group, but they can talk less and less. Most people either advertise or ban all the words, which makes people feel less active. In fact, doing QQ group marketing is still very profitable.

From the current ecology of the whole QQ group, there are many people doing marketing here, and some of our uncommon resources or software tools can be found and sold in the QQ group.

Then many people have questions here. All the QQ groups are engaged in marketing. What can we get here? If we look at it from another angle, others do marketing and we do community entertainment, which is very interesting.

First, the gameplay of the community

Nowadays, many people do community marketing. Why, because of making money, the community provides virtual value information and gets the desired knowledge in the communication between people, so the community generally pays more.

Then one of the most important things to do in QQ community is to constantly output content in the community, that is, to have a certain backbone, otherwise, if the group is blown up, it will not end well.
Generally, the realization of community has its own set of resources in the super-subdivision field, and it depends on this resource. Therefore, if you want to operate QQ community, you must have a set of things that can be sold. This set of things is a stepping stone for others to pay for the group, otherwise your community value cannot be reflected.

Generally speaking, there are low-cost communities like 9.9 yuan or tens of yuan, and these low-cost communities are to screen out users who are willing to pay, because in the early stage, we need to chat and serve step by step.

Being a community in QQ group is also convenient to manage, and has many advantages, such as better solving the trust problem, and the screened low-paying users can also be transformed into advanced groups, and the most important thing is the precipitation of fans.

From the point of view of being a community, QQ group is perfect, because after all, it can still accommodate so many fans and see the previous content output. To sum up, there are only three models in the market that are quite good, QQ group, knowledge planet and forum.

However, the knowledge planet is charged, which is excluded first, followed by the forum. Nowadays, many people don’t have the habit of using the forum. Moreover, it seems that the forum is not very convenient in terms of management and mutual communication. The biggest problem is that it doesn’t carry traffic, so I think QQ group is the best choice to make money by bubbling.

Second, the entertainment group play

Everyone knows that QQ group is a gathering place for fans, so if we change the way of playing entertainment and drainage, it’s actually ok, so here is the meaning of playing on the screen.

For example, friends in the same city will never go out of date at any time. Although there are many softwares like Soul now, there will still be a certain market, because compared with these softwares now, QQ group is relatively more hidden and less likely to be suspected by others.

This is trying to figure out a project from psychological behavior, so the QQ group of making friends in the same city still has a good market.

Another one is the star fan group. These two groups are almost the same in nature. They all have people with special interests, idolize or making friends. They are actually younger and more energetic groups.

Especially this kind of star fan group, which is very convenient for marketing star peripheral products, and the fans are relatively accurate. Just like the Zheng Shuang incident that broke out in the previous stage, although it has been banned now, there are still many fans who get together privately to complain for her on some niche platforms.
Extremely fanatical star fans are generally obsessed, so marketing is effortless.

At present, there is another direction in QQ group, that is, students’ part-time jobs, which generally cover a wide range. There are also online part-time jobs under cable, which we can drain from a series of surrounding communities such as college students’ part-time jobs. There are many people in QQ group, even if some part-time information is published in the group every day, the commission alone will be soft.

The biggest advantage of doing QQ group marketing is that there is no formula, and there is almost no threshold. If you can do QQ group keyword bully screen, you basically don’t worry about traffic. If you can’t, the drainage of other platforms can be bigger.

Traffic conversion needs to be accumulated to a certain extent. Once the number of people is increased, it is easy to realize what links you want to do later.

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