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How profitable is game promotion?


There are many profitable projects, but it is difficult to meet the zero threshold projects. When we brush short videos, we often see that many bloggers recommend everyone to download games in videos, and send 100 red envelopes for whatever downloads, and cash out in seconds, etc. These actually rely on game promotion to make money.

So how profitable is game promotion, and are we ordinary people suitable for game promotion projects?

Actually, at present, game promotion is regarded as a profiteering and profitable project, and his income is roughly composed of two parts. The first is to make money by CPA, that is, the download and registration amount of games. This is relatively simple, and the other is to divide commissions by users’ fees, which is the traditional CPS.
No matter which way of promotion is divided into commissions, as long as it can get the trust of users to download, it will make a lot of money, and there is no difficulty in promoting games. For now, the short video platform must be more suitable for promotion.

  1. game short video account

First of all, this promotion method is relatively direct, that is, to create a short video account of the game, and use this account as a person to promote these games with high commission.

This type of game number is often seen when we brush short videos, that is, we share some experiences or classic pictures of playing games. Because there is no threshold for doing this type of game number, many people will operate it by receiving advertisements or promoting it.

I’ve seen most studios operate more than 20 matrixes by themselves, and all the game videos in them are transported, and each video can be directly uploaded with simple modification.

If the game you want to play is vertical, like king and eating chicken, you should talk about it separately. We will only talk about some operation methods of the game promotion number here. Games are a popular category on all kinds of platforms.

The precise users we face in game promotion are those who like web games or legendary mobile games. After all, the commissions for such games will be higher, so our accounts should move closer in this direction.
Another kind of account will send some strange game videos every day. We usually have little contact with such games, so long as users who like games pay attention to them obviously, thus ensuring the accuracy of fans.

After this game account is formed, you can put the top three games you want to promote, and then add the links of the games you want to promote under each new push video.

  1. The live broadcast room is hot

This is also a common way for many trumpets with no traffic. Just like a lion brought by the famous Aauto Quicker now, it was by brushing in the major online celebrity live broadcast rooms that it accumulated so many fans.

However, it takes a certain amount of money to get hot in the live broadcast room. If you don’t want to invest a lot, you can make some packages set by people, such as your avatar, the name of your account, etc., all of which are related to the game.

In addition to using scripts to brush the screen in the live broadcast room, another way is to comment under popular works. Nowadays, many people are as interested in comments as the video itself, because there are talents in the comment area.
If you want to pay for promotion in the field of short videos, there are many channels, such as Shake+,which is generally not recommended. If your docking is not perfect, there will be more people but no conversion, so it is generally recommended to start with zero.

  1. Game platform

There are many online game platforms, Baidu can also search out many such promotion platforms, and select some platforms with high commissions.

The game promotion platform should be carefully understood from several directions, such as profit points and investment amount, etc. The stability of the game is uncertain for the time being, so you can go to other channels to search for word of mouth and stability.

Like those short video promotion methods mentioned above by Bubble Net, we can operate when we promote them privately. Some regular game promotion platforms will give you some promotion channels for their cooperation, which we can directly implement. The short video platform will increase our income.
In addition, it is about the settlement of the platform, for example, some platforms will deduct the amount, some will delay the settlement, etc. It is best for the platform to give us a daily settlement, and we will withdraw cash directly after the settlement.

As long as you stick to this set of games, there will be more and more promotion channels, so that you can achieve profit on multiple platforms. At present, the game attribute population in our country is still relatively extensive.

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