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Projects with growth in traffic are considered good projects


What is the most important thing about a money-making project?

Ask a hundred people and you can tell hundreds of answers.

However, in my mind, projects with increasing traffic volume are considered as good projects.

In other words, what we do today is to make money by lying down tomorrow. Isn’t this the lifelong dream of many people?

What we are trying to do now, isn’t it for the sake of being old and being able to enjoy life comfortably?

When we make any project, we have to do only one thing when we determine the back-end realization method. That is to find the group that can pay for the realization.

Some people often say “four-piece suit”, women love beauty, men are good, children are smart, and old people are healthy.

These rotten topics only generally summarize the needs of the crowd, which makes sense at first glance, but you will find that they are all useless bullshit after careful aftertaste.

As long as you enter this industry, you will be crushed to 100% and come out with shorts.

The reason is very simple. Anyone who tells you this sentence doesn’t understand at all. With the development of the times, the interests and needs of these people are subdivided.

It is not a general summary of the needs of a group.

Under such a precondition, we tell a novel project, and the play is very simple.

The novel project has been badly written, including various ways of playing, various routines, and various methods of obtaining traffic by casting a net on the sea.

Are these methods useful? Undeniably, some of them are really useful, and some of them have been played badly. Knowing that there are many people and there is great competition will naturally lead to the saturation and decline of an industry, and finally leave several giants who can stand firm and divide up huge traffic.

So, how can we get our share of stable traffic with growing traffic groups from the huge traffic?

In fact, it is very simple. We classify people carefully.

Just like, many novel apps classify novel content. Men’s frequency, women’s frequency, city, cultivate immortality, and so on.

We also need to make a classification to find accurate customers. The so-called precise customer means that when you see the title or even the content, you can make quick and reactive actions.

For example, if we target the teenagers between 10 and 24, we need to know what they are doing now. Their inner needs and reading habits. And the places where they often hang out, so as to obtain traffic in a targeted way.

Although many habits and hobbies are difficult for me to understand, they do not affect people to form an influential group.

Such as light novels.

I just heard about this word recently, but after understanding it, I found that there is a huge traffic system behind this word. And most of them are teenagers, with extremely high spending power.
First of all, let’s understand what is light novel.
This is a novel form spread from Japan, and a literary genre with cartoon style illustrations.

Although it is not clear about the contents, it has basically understood the people covered by this industry and their fanatical attitude towards novels of this genre.

Next, we look for places where these young people often gather.
After screening and comparing, we found a portrait of the crowd on one of the websites, which is called bilibili. Maybe everyone is familiar with it, or they may go there frequently, but teenagers are the mainstream users of this website. Users under the age of 24 account for more than 60%.

Many people began to wonder, isn’t bilibili a video website? How can there be novels? In fact, the functions that any mainstream user group needs will make website owners start the functions they need without stopping.

There is a column function in bilibili, and most of the contents are written.

When we are positioned in light novels, we need to search for relevant keywords and find out what these teenagers are concerned about.
Sure enough, light novels are very popular here. Up to now, with the title of a light novel downloaded, it has easily gained 12,000 readings, and there are not a few praises and comments. It is important to know that behind every reading volume, there is a living user.

I looked at it and basically confirmed that it was a marketing post. The bait was released below.

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