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Zero-cost projects, making money by selling pictures, the threshold is very low


Online money-making projects can be roughly divided into these types, such as making money through traffic, part-time jobs, poor information, etc. Many novices have no foundation, and they are working on a large number of change projects every day, so today this project is more suitable for operation.

This project is to make money by selling pictures, and the threshold is very low. Of course, you can’t sell some pictures that already exist on the Internet, but if you like taking pictures and making pictures, you can have a try.

The operation method of this project is also very simple, and you can make money by selling your own pictures to the website, because the demand for original resources is increasing in every platform, and there is a high demand for high-quality picture resources in some picture stations. Different platforms have direct buyouts and dividends.

There is no difficulty in this project, that is, simply uploading pictures to the platform. Let me introduce you to several platforms that can make money.

A platform that many designers like. This website still has a certain market in China. Basically, many companies will look for resources here when making drawings.
There is a place where I want to sell pictures. After I register my account number, I can see the interface of applying for signing a contract. Just bind my ID card here according to the prompt, and carry out real-name authentication.

As long as it is an original picture, it can be approved quickly, and this platform prefers scenery, flowers, birds, fish and insects, geography and other materials.

Mizhi. com

I know that this website is more like a professional design website, and some of his design materials like PPT or design source files are very professional.

There is “I want to make money” on the right side of the registration download, then sign the original author, and follow the guidance of the platform.
The profit of Mi is relatively higher. The price of a design material is about 10-600. As long as someone downloads your design material, you can get the corresponding profit.

Like Mi, I earn money by selling design materials. There is a bubble net in the upper right corner of the homepage of the website. I want to open a shop. My shop is divided into personal stores and enterprise stores, and this user can complete the transaction in our shop.

There are two choices for me to open a shop and sell pictures. The first is to sell exclusively, and the second is to sell non-exclusively. The exclusive advantage is that the income is relatively high, while the non-exclusive one is not so high.

In addition, some foreign picture platforms are also good, and the advantages of foreign picture websites are obvious, with more commissions and great picture advantages.
For example, we take some domestic pictures and upload them to these foreign picture websites. These pictures with special regional signs are also popular on the platform.


First of all, the recommended website is very good, and this photo station is still quite enthusiastic for beginners, and the number of pictures sold in the website is almost 0.5 dollars to 3 dollars.

Registration requires real-name authentication, and then you can upload pictures directly. However, if you are a novice, you should pay attention to several points, such as the pictures can’t invade other people’s portraits, don’t contain any watermarks, and don’t have commercial characters or commercial fonts.
In addition, you can register a Paypal to collect money and withdraw cash. After all, the settlement of foreign photo websites is all in US dollars, and some sellers can earn US$ 30,000 in a short time on shutterstock platform, mainly due to the quality of pictures.


This is also a foreign picture website, which belongs to the graphic design resource website.

This is very similar to my website just mentioned. It is a big design website abroad. It also has source files and picture materials. We also rely on users to download the resources we uploaded to make money.

Its profit-making interface is to become a contributor to the website. The way to become an auditor is very simple. You can apply to become a contributor by uploading 20 works on the platform.
This website has one of the best places. The platform won’t ask you for exclusive works. You can also publish it on other platforms to make money.

Being a foreign picture platform can also carry domestic niche pictures to foreign platforms. Last year, many people made a lot of money in carrying pictures. Now this platform has been moved a lot, so it is best to prepare resources before moving.

This project of making money from pictures is very convenient. We only need to distribute the content well, and don’t need to manage the traffic, because this platform has already solved it for us, and these platforms are all occupied at zero cost.

In recent years, there are more and more people engaged in Internet work, especially from the media. Even short videos have many friends making slides by pictures, so pictures are very useful in daily work, especially those original pictures with good quality.

We can transport the materials on domestic photo websites to foreign platforms to make money, and slowly develop towards originality. With the increasing support of each platform for originality, we will earn more from making original videos in the future.

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